PORAC In celebration of the National Arts Month, Porac is hosting a three-day arts camp featuring the works of artists from all over the country.

The “Kampapasi Arts Fest,” which kicked off on February 24 at Porac Riverside Baywalk, features art and cultural performances, talks, murals, art installations, sports and games, workshops and artist discussions.

The opening ceremonies were led by Mayor Jaime “Jing” Capil, Executive Assistant IV Trisha Angelie Capil, Tourism Officer Gem Marimla along with Kapampangan multi-media artist Herminigildo Pineda and Artletics Inc., head and renowned painter Emmanuel Garibay.

Capil thanked artists from different provinces who joined the arts festival.

“I always say that the future of Porac is in tourism and tourism here includes the arts. We have award-winning artists from here and now, we are supporting the development of young artists,” Capil said.

Aside from eco-tourism, Marimla said they want Porac to be known as the country's haven for the arts.

She added that the town’s Baywalk is being developed as an arts and culture hub where local and young artists can work or draw inspiration from.

Among the highlights of the art festival are the large-scale murals by renowned artists Archie Oclos, Dex Fernandez, and Doktor Karayom among others.

One of the event speakers is Melissa Yeung-Yap, an artist and indigenous people’s advocate.

Kampapasi Art Fest, which will run until February 26, is named after the little-known herbal shrub with lavender flowers that grows abundantly in the hilly and mountainous areas of Pampanga which are the ancestral lands of the Aeta.

The artists put the spotlight on this plant to encourage the local youth and young artists to rediscover their roots, and get to know their communities better.

The Kampapasi Art camp program will be co-facilitated and will feature members of the Aeta community who will share their heritage and culture as well as their personal histories.

The festival will conclude on February 26 at the Malele River Aeta Camp in Barangay Pio.