Brillante Mendoza says no to MTRCB controlling over streaming platforms

brillante mendoza
brillante mendoza

“We bow to the laws, yes, but we wish that more energy had been spent on creating laws that benefit artists instead of seeing actions taken that seem to prioritize suppressing and censoring our works.” says award winning director Brillante Mendoza in his social media account.

Direk Brillante's comment rooted up as a proposed bill stating Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) to control over all shown on streaming platforms.

The Cannes-winning director said...

“We have laws and those in the film industry respect them and comply. There will be a Senate discussion regarding MTRCB having jurisdiction over films in Philippine streaming platforms.

“As an artist, I say that I am not in favor of the MTRCB being permitted to control, censor and classify our works; censorship already connotes suppression of expression — in a democratic country.

“Certainly, there is clamor from various groups, to limit and ban scenes and films that may be offensive to them; but in my point of view, if these will be imposed, people will only stop watching local films on Philippine streaming platforms and shift to different platforms, foreign or illegal.

“I think, the issue being brought to the Senate will have a negative impact on many artists.

“There are only a limited number of producers willing to fund creative pursuits; earning through films is already difficult, and the recent MMFF is enough proof that most viewers still have not returned to the theaters. Many Filipinos have shifted to streaming.

“For decades, we must admit that very few laws have been created that benefited artists; now that the Internet has given a new avenue for creative works, some people still want to control and interfere with that too.

“I say too, that artists who became lawmakers should do something to protect the very industry that helped put them in that position, not use that power to control it.

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