#WeGotMail: On Nordeco tapping Minpocor power supply

We at the Davao Consumer Movement strongly oppose the decision of Northern Davao Electric Cooperative to continue tapping Mindoro Power Corp. to supply power to the Island Garden City of Samal instead of fixing the underground cable that conked out on Christmas Day 2022. We believe this decision has only led to increased costs for us as customers and further problems with the stability and affordability of our power source.

And we oppose in the strongest terms their inexplicable solution of building a P1.4 billion, 25-kilometer submarine cable when there are faster, much cheaper solutions in place. This project is financially senseless and technically unsound, and will have grave impact on our electricity bill not only for Samalenyos but the entire consumer base of Nordeco.

It is important to note that Nordeco's inefficiency in providing power to its franchise area has been an ongoing issue. Over the years, we have experienced countless power outages that have affected our daily lives, businesses, and ultimately the local economy. Despite repeated complaints and calls for action, Nordeco has failed to address these issues and provide a more reliable and efficient power supply.

The seeming inaction of regulators to punish Nordeco for their inefficiency has led it to continue providing poor services without any accountability. This has put a significant strain on the finances of households and businesses alike, making it difficult for us to afford basic necessities like electricity.

As customers, we deserve better from Nordeco. We expect it to prioritize our needs and invest in a more sustainable and reliable power source for our city. We demand that it take immediate and sensible action to fix the underground cable and ensure that such failures do not happen again in the future.

The failure and incompetence of Nordeco to provide a stable and affordable power source has caused significant inconvenience and hardship for its customers not just in Samal but in all of their franchise areas. We have had to endure frequent power outages, which have disrupted our daily lives and business operations. Moreover, the increased cost of power due to Nordeco's decision to tap a private company will place an additional burden on our already strained finances.

Therefore, our group will not rest until Nordeco addresses our concerns and provides us with a power source that is both stable and affordable. We will continue to advocate for the rights and interests of our communities and hold Nordeco accountable for their actions. Until then, we will speak out against Nordeco's inefficiencies and demand better services for our communities.

We call on the people of Samal and the rest of the franchise area of Nordeco to join us in our efforts in pushing for changes that will result in better electricity services in our areas.

- Davao Consumer Movement


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