Davao Occidental: A southern gem

Davao Occidental Governor Atty. Franklin P. Bautista
Davao Occidental Governor Atty. Franklin P. Bautista

THE province of Davao Occidental, comprised of the five municipalities of Sta. Maria, Malita, Don Marcelino, Jose Abad Santos and Sarangani Balut Island, is home to about 320,000 people mainly dominated by the 4 major ethnic tribes of the Tagakaulo, B’laan, Manobo and Muslim. The rich culture and heritage of these tribes are manifested through their profound traditions, distinctive food and indigenous products, and remarkable Gaginaway Festival, Kap’Yaan Festival, Pangapog Festival and the Masbol Cultural Festival.

Davao Occidental revels in the richness of its topography where magnificent mountains and thriving rainforests seem endless when exploring the uplands. Lush vegetation of crops like Abaca, Banana, and Cacao, among others, are mostly found in the lowlands and parts of the uplands. In the same way, abundance of marine wildlife is also evident in the coastal parts of the province. Dugongs (sea cow) and Pawikans have found their homes in these clear blue waters as well as water-sport enthusiasts playfully exploring the underwaters and vast shorelines.

With 7 years since its foundation, Davao Occidental’s vision is to take the province towards encompassing socio-economic growth and stability. Local Chief Executive Atty. Franklin P. Bautista reins the helm in leading the province holistically to new heights.

Davao Occidental, a young and promising province on the forefront of sustainable development and responsible tourism.


Governor Atty. Franklin P. Bautista message for MiceCon 2023

We are one with the mandate of His Excellency President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and the Department of Tourism led by Secretary Maria Esperanza Christina Garcia Frasco in making Mindanao the next tourism melting pot of the Philippines.

I am pleased to present to you Davao Occidental as a young province with so much potential and capability in becoming a world-class tourism and investment destination. The youth of this province is an asset with which this leadership is vested to sustainable growth and stability. We are deeply rooted in the rich culture and heritage of our founding tribes but in the same way, we embrace the efficiency and advancement of technology in order to preserve our resources.

I am inviting you to experience and unravel the wholeness and unique offerings of Davao Occidental.

Madyaw allaw sa kadeg!

Mafyu amdo de klahat!

Mapeya adlaw kanyo lahat!

Asalam walaykon warach tullah hi wabarakato!

Good day to all of you!


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