There is a priest known only as Fr. Oliveira in Rio Grande do Sul in Southern Brazil. He is known to Catholic researchers as a mystic who has been receiving prophetic visions and messages pertaining to our times up to 2029.

Fr. Oliveira wrote all his mystic experiences in Portuguese and for the first time, his writings were translated into English by writer Carlos Caso-Rosendi.

I am sharing some of Fr. Oliveira’s visions (including his interpretations), as translated by Caso-Rosendi. Please pray first to the Holy Spirit for wisdom.

On March 12, 2020, he wrote:

“On this occasion, I woke up in the middle of the night, and felt a strong desire to go to the chapel. I looked up from the altar and began to have a vision: the terrestrial globe rotating, with the number of years passing on it, and below I saw a series of images. I took out my spiritual journal and started trying to describe what I was visualizing. When I transcribed the images, I described them as I thought their meaning was. Therefore, I will tell you, first, the images I saw and, later, what I felt they could mean.

“I saw the number 2020. The first image was that of all the people in the world and everything else paralyzed.

“I interpreted it like this: The year 2020 will be known as the year that has not passed. People will look at this year as a stagnant year.

“Then I saw bishops closing the doors of churches and a disappointed crowd watching them from outside. In this crowd, many had a light above their heads and others pointed towards the church.

“I interpreted: The cowardice of the pastors of the Church will not be forgotten. The lay faithful will receive many special graces that will awaken many consciences. Many lay people will make serious denunciations, because of the sins of the bishops.

“I saw the Holy Father sitting at a table, with his hands on his head, in anguish and crying.

“I interpreted: The Holy Father will suffer a lot. He’s already suffering. Your greatest suffering will be in your own conscience.

“From that moment, the globe began to spin and the years passed, and many images of suffering followed. There were so many that I couldn’t write. One of them was that of poor people on the streets.

“I interpreted: This year opens a period of probation. The next few years will be one of chaos and difficulties. The end of 2020 will be marked by a lot of economic hardship.

“I saw the number 2021 and then the flags of China, the US, France and Germany being flung up, like by a football crowd.

“I interpreted: There will be some tension on the world stage and it will involve China, the US, France and Germany.”

“I saw the Pope looking at the Russian flag.

“I interpreted: The Pope will approach Russia.

“I don’t know if he will go to Russia, but he was looking at the Russian flag with some hope.

“I saw the flag of China. She suddenly breaks apart and something like mud starts to come out of her.

“I interpreted: Many hidden things will be revealed in China, or from China.

“I saw the American flag being burned by a bunch of people dressed in black.

“I interpreted: The US will be attacked and called the enemy of humanity. The expression ‘enemies of humanity’ came clearly to my mind at that time.

“I saw many people with guns in their hands and then I saw a rush through the streets.

“I interpreted: The arms industry will grow and the climate of war will be in full bloom.

“Then I saw a priest with a red flag being thrown out of a church by lay people. The church was similar to one I know, just like the one in downtown in the city where I live. Because of the similarity, I think this part refers to Brazil.

“I interpreted: In Brazil, in 2021, communism infiltrating in the Church will be exposed. I thought I would have no more doubts about it.

“Then I saw many priests and bishops taking off their priestly clothes. At this moment I felt great sadness.

“I interpreted, A great apostasy (or scandal, or heresy) will be seen or revealed.

“Then I saw a window being opened and then there was a very big lull. During this lull, I saw people getting ready for something, stocking up on food.

“I interpreted: A window (period) of peace will arrive between 2021 and 2022 [as the globe turned], but that peace will be like a false peace, for a short time. I think it’s a period of preparation.

“I saw the numbers 2021 and 2022 and, just below, military personnel gathering. But they were as if they were in hiding, in a secret meeting.

“I interpreted: In this period, I believe that the first conflicts will start, but the world will not know, it will not be public.

“I don’t know why, but I have the feeling that this image is quite metaphorical. This is a conflict that will not be seen openly.

“Then I saw a great fire in the upper part of the terrestrial globe. I asked myself: Will there be any catastrophe in the northern hemisphere?

“Then I saw the president of Russia pointing at the globe and chuckling. I interpreted: Russia will show her malice. Something will happen that will confirm a position of the president of Russia. His expression was like the one when you say: I told you! I warned!

“I saw Pope Benedict XVI being prepared for buriaI. asked myself: Will the Pope Emeritus go to the Father’s house in 2022?

“Then I saw Pope Francis very hesitant to sign any document. He looked at the map, on which only the West appeared (Europe, America, Africa), and hesitated to sign the document.

“I interpreted: The Holy Father will have to make some very important decision that could change the course of the West.

“Then I saw the Brazilian flag smeared with blood or red paint. The Virgin Mary appeared, took the flag and shook it, brushing the dirt off the flag.

“I interpreted: In Brazil, there will be a violent period, or a great onslaught of Communism, but the Virgin will come to the country’s rescue.

“The globe continued to spin and I saw the numbers 2022 and 2023. Then I saw huge battalions marching, but the strange thing was that there was a very big silence. As in the image of the military meeting, I again felt that feeling that something was not quite as I saw it.

“I asked myself: Will there be the beginning of a war? Will she be silent? It was again the sense of a conflict that will not be felt or seen or heard. Here it was very difficult to understand.

“Then I saw the Pope hurrying to a plane. He was accompanied by security and was almost running. I didn’t see the Pope’s face.

“I felt, The Pope will need to leave Rome for some urgent reason.

“At that moment, the globe spun and I saw the numbers 2023 and 2024. Then I saw only war. I saw people watching war scenes on television.

“I asked myself, Will the world see the horrors of war in 2024? Will this appear on televisions? Or will it be a conflict that we will only watch, not being exactly physical?

“The certainty of a conflict seemed clear to me, but the nature of it was not.

“Then there was a chronological jump. On the globe, I saw the numbers from 2024 to 2029 flash by, and a great light appeared in the sky.

“I interpreted: There will be conflicts or problems until 2029. In that year, there will be some sign in the sky.

“Then I saw the Japanese flag being raised and people were applauding it. I interpreted: Japan will do something that will not be forgotten. The country will do something that will be applauded.

“Then the globe stopped in 2029 and I saw many people looking at the sky. I interpreted: In 2029, the world will look to the sky and the conflicts and wars on Earth will have to stop.

“After that, I didn’t see anything else. It calls my attention that, again, the year 2029 appeared as the end or closure of something.”