Pangan: Sustaining environment friendliness

MOST countries worldwide have been aware and are, in fact, active in maintaining a carbon emission-free environment and eco systems.

It takes a coordinated effort to generate support and enthusiasm from the public as well as private enterprises, for the further protection of the environment and really take doable steps to achieve all goals of sustaining preservation of the environment.

One such private establishment, the giant conglomerate SM Supermalls and its attached entities and foundations which take active part toward environment protection.

Indeed, at SM City Clark is found a free e-vehicle charging site where motorists are welcome to the connections. SM's Green Movement encourages environment upkeep and sustainability which is replicated nationwide.

It surely hopes that other large conglomerates like SMC, Aboitiz Ventures and Ayala Corporation are taking giant steps toward environment upkeep and protection. Ayala, for its part, has been in deep concentration on renewable energy.

It takes active participation and cooperation of these huge facilities to support the government's goal to achieve environment-friendly projects, programs and activities.

Worldwide, the United States and its allies notably France and the United Kingdom are in the forefront of the drive to combat the ill effects of climate change and the recurring carbon emissions they too target and aim for a zero carbon network.

* * *

The very destructive 7.8 magnitude earthquake which hit Turkey and Syria some weeks ago should be another wake up call for Philippine authorities.

The death toll reportedly is rising over 41,000 and more as the recovery efforts are undertaken by various nationalities.

Now, these countries are in dire need of basic commodities to tide them over, not to mention the freezing cold which contribute to the difficulty to the recovery of more bodies trapped under the rubble.

Buildings levelled by the massive earthquake were reportedly below standard and are not earthquake resistant like those in Japan. Shades of corruption show in the erection of these buildings which fell off and crumbled easily.


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