Cervantes: Confusion persists on whether a definite World War 3 is in prophecies

With the war between Russia and Ukraine (proxy for US and NATO?) dragging on, if not escalating, was there really any prophecy of a definite World War 3?

The confusion on this remains despite warnings of a world war as conveyed from Heaven by various Catholic mystics.

That WW3 will not take place seemed categorical in some instances, as when the Blessed Mother was quoted in Medjugorje on July 12, 1982 as having said: "The third world war will not take place."

(May I interrupt the flow here by apologizing first for some obfuscation in my last column when I wrote that the prophesied Warning in the Garabandal apparitions would be followed within a year by the Great Miracle and, conditionally, the Chastisement. The prophecy was that only the Great Miracle is to follow within a year, while no time frame was given for the Chastisement.)

In regard to WW3 prophecies, I am quoting what I had written months ago about what the Garabandal visionaries revealed as follows:

There have been reports that in the Garabandal, Spain apparitions in the 1960’s, the Blessed Mother told visionary Conchita Gonzalez that there would “never” be a third world war. Yet, in recent messages from Heaven, particularly through stigmatist mystic Luz de Maria de Bonilla, both the Blessed Mother and St. Michael the Archangel have warned of WW3.

First, let us review what was reportedly said in Garabandal, where the Marian apparitions from 1961 to 1965 were confirmed as authentic by contemporary St. Padre Pio and St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

What I know is that three sources are being quoted as attributing to Conchita a supposed assurance from the Blessed Mother that there would never be World War 3.

The first source was the late Joey Lomangino who personally knew the Garanbandal visionaries since 1963 and became known as an apostle of Garabandal. He quoted Conchita as telling him that the Blessed Mother had revealed there would not be a third world war, although there would be wars limited between nations.

Another source was Anne Mequeli from Brentwood, New York. Anne, a dedicated worker for the New York Center Scapular Committee and a friend of Conchita. She related as follows:

“One night in Conchita’s house, everyone was talking about the ‘Cuban Crisis’ when Conchita said to me, ‘At that time in my village, all the people feared a third world war and everyone had radios close to their ears waiting to hear of such a war. But I had an apparition at the time and the Blessed Virgin told me, ‘No World War Three.’”

A third source is a taped conversation between Conchita and Bishop Franciso Garmendia, Auxiliary Bishop of New York, on August 27, 1981, wherein Conchita said:

“The Virgin told me that before the Miracle, there will be only three popes. That same day—I don’t know if you remember but in France they were saying that in 1962 world war would break out—she (The Virgin) told us that there would never be another world war. Everybody, in fact, was frightened that day, including me, when the Virgin appeared and said, ‘Don’t be afraid because there will never be a world war.’”

The word “never” in the latter source is very crucial, since such prophecy would extend to our days, even to the end of the world.

But was the word “never” really used by the Blessed Mother? This has to be asked since in her recent message of the Blessed Mother to Luz de Maria, Our Mother said “nations are silently preparing for the third world war.” Of course, something being prepared for need not happen,

Yet, there also was St. Micheal the Archangel also telling Luz de Maria that “the disease that is raging throughout humanity is part of the silent war that has started the Third World War.”

One question is: could Garabandal’s Conchita have misunderstood the message of the Blessed Mother in reference to the word “never?”

This is a possibility since the duration of the Garabandal apparitions covered the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis when the entire world was placed on tenterhooks, believing that an atomic war was inevitable.

Was the Blessed Mother referring only to the Cuban crisis that ended after 13 days as Russia withdrew its nuclear arsenal from Cuba as the US promised not to invade the island and withdraw its military forces from Turkey? For indeed, the world war that was then feared NEVER occurred.

Now to review recent messages to Luz de Maria, whom reliable Catholic priests assert to be reliable, on quotes with categorical reference to WW 3. On Nov. 16, 2020, Luz de Maria quoted the Blessed Mother as having said:

“Beloved children, pray, war between nations is now here; THE NATIONS ARE SILENTLY PREPARING FOR THE DREADED THIRD WORLD WAR.

“My Son loves you; do not forget that He loves and protects you... I am here to protect you, but you must turn away from evil. Go forward, mould your human ego so that it would work and act for the good.

“I call you to continue using the Oil of the Good Samaritan. Be wise, dearly beloved children: you need to return to my Son’s House.” (End of quote.)

And then another quote citing World War 3, this time from St. Michael in his message also to Luz de Maria on February 6, 2022. Here’s an excerpt:

“The military might of the most potent powers is to be feared by you, because they are holding in their possession weapons that have not been shown to humanity and which have great destructive power.

“Families have been transformed into places of individualism and cruelty, of pain and not of education or love: a favorable result expected by the elite.

“Suffering continues for the human race.

“Strange sounds are coming from the ground, these being the creaking of tectonic plates preparing for strong earthquakes. The earth has become intoxicated by the sins of human generations. As part of humanity, YOU KNOW THAT YOU ARE AWAITING THE DREADED THIRD WORLD WAR.

“People of God, the powers are inflaming one another. Wars have within them their own interests and at this moment it is the meager economy of one of the powers that prevails, as well as the desire for territorial expansion of another power, which has spread its ideology all over the Earth, fomenting communism and social revolutions, which finally are part of the prelude to war.

“People of God, the disease that is raging throughout humanity is part of the silent war that has started the THIRD WORLD WAR.” (End of quote.)

Garabandal visionaries are of the impression that the prophesied chastisement would come directly from God. That seems to be an impression amid their apparent lack of awareness of the magnitude of nuclear power.

Note what vsionary Conchita said after they were given a vision of the Chastisement during what is now known as “the night of the screams” on June 19, 1962. She said:

“Our Lady made us see how the great chastisement for all humanity would come and how it comes directly from God. In a certain moment not a single motor or machine will function. A terrible heat wave will come, and men will suffer a burning thirst. Desperately they will look for water but with the intense heat it will evaporate. With this, there will enter into the people a desperation and they will attempt to destroy each other, but in those moments their strength will fail and they will fall to the ground. God then will make them see that it is He who directly has permitted all this. All this will be a result of the direct intervention of God, which makes it more terrible and fearful than anything we can imagine. All Catholics should go to confession before the punishment and the others should repent of their sins.”

Regardless of possible WW3, the invitation is for all to work for Heaven. Now.


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