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Morning conversations with Fr. Roy and Fr. Chris at “Kwarenta” radio program (Fr. Roy photo)
Morning conversations with Fr. Roy and Fr. Chris at “Kwarenta” radio program (Fr. Roy photo)

MARCH is a special month for the ladies. March 8 is the international women’s day and the whole month of March is National Women’s Month.

According to the Philippine Commission on Women, the following laws serves as the legal bases for the celebration of National Women’s Month:

“Proclamation No. 224 s. 1988, “Declaring the First Week of March of Every Year as Women’s Week and March 8, 1988, and Every Year Thereafter as Women’s Rights and International Peace Day.” Signed by former President Corazon C. Aquino on March 1, 1988, it affirmed our solidarity with the United Nations and recognized Filipino women’s contribution to the struggle for national independence, civil liberties, equality, and human rights.

Proclamation No, 227 s. 1988, “Providing for the observance of the Month of March as ‘Women’s Role in History Month’” Signed by President Aquino on March 17, 1988, reinforced the earlier proclamation by emphasizing the role of Filipino women in the social, cultural, economic and political development throughout our history. It provided for a month-long nationwide observance with appropriate ceremonies and activities to be spearheaded by the Commission.

R.A. 6949 s. 1990, “An Act to Declare March Eight of Every Year as a Working Special Holiday to be Known as National Women’s Day” was signed by President Aquino on April 10, 1990. The law further strengthened the impetus for the celebration by declaring every March 8 as a special working holiday and enjoining employees from the government and private sector to participate in activities conducted by their offices.”

Both the province of Negros Occidental and the city of Bacolod have activities to celebrate Women’s Day.

The Province had an activity in Ayala Malls last Wednesday where both Governor Bong Lacson and Mayor Albee Benitez attended. Other events may be checked in their Facebook pages.

Early morning on March 8, this writer was invited to be the guest in Kwarenta, a program of the Diocese of Bacolod and Radyo Veritas, hosted by Rev. Fr. Roy Christian Gesulgon and Rev. Fr. Chris Gonzales, to discuss about the National Women’s Day.

During the conversations, it was emphasized how important the role of a Mother (Mama, Nanay) is. All of us have roles in life.

The father may be the breadwinner of the family, however, the mother takes care of the home, the children and household chores. Both parents are equally essential.

It was also noted that stress is normal. It happens to us every day. Mothers may be overwhelmed with so many things to be done. That is okay. Most of the time, she can manage the workload.

However, if she is experiencing bouts of sadness or cannot sleep or does not eat or has behavioral changes, it is okay to ask for help.

There might be Mothers who are physically abused by their spouses, they also need to speak out, to seek assistance.

A reminder was given that there are available persons and centers who will give their support and services.

Self-care is also encouraged. It is not selfish, it is necessary.

There are many types of self-care – it can be physical, spiritual, emotional or mental. Many may need a “me” time, others might want to spend more time with their loved ones, and some want to eat or travel. Each one of us is unique. We know what makes us happy. Self-care is being positive and practicing a healthy and balanced life.

An ideal relationship in a family:

W - works together as one team.

O - opens the communication line (talking, listening and vice versa)

M - makes time to help each other (a child helps Mom wash the dishes or clean own space)

E - exhibits love and respect for each other.

N - nurtures one another.

It is also good to mention that our model is Mother Mary and the female Saints like St. Therese of the Child Jesus. St. Therese recently visited the country and made a stopover in Negros Occidental. Her presence renewed HOPE.

Let us continue to celebrate sisterhood and being a woman!*


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