Traffic caused by Cebu Bus Rapid Transit project forces some commuters to switch mode of public transportation

Traffic caused by Cebu Bus Rapid Transit project forces some commuters to switch mode of public transportation

PORTIONS of Osmeña Blvd. in Cebu City have been reduced to one lane on either side to give way to the implementation of Package 1 of the Cebu Bus Rapid Transit (CBRT) project, which started two weeks ago.

Public commuters have been forced to endure heavy traffic during rush hour, prompting some of them to switch to an alternative mode of public transportation.

Ria May Berenguel, a radiologic technologist at a nearby hospital, books a motorcycle ride from a ride-hailing app instead of taking the jeepney to work.

The average cost per ride, she said, is P75, much higher than the P12 jeepney fare.

Accounting student Wilchen Castellano, who is currently an intern at a firm along Osmeña Blvd., also made the switch.

She books a motorcycle ride from Sudlon in Barangay Lahug going to work.

“Akoa gi-anticipate nga traffic kaayo ug ma-late nako. Maong maghabal-habal or mag-book nalang ko og motor,” Castellano said.

(I already anticipated that the traffic would make me late. That’s why I take a motorcycle-for-hire or book a motorcycle ride.)

For 23-year-old Bryan Legarte, an accounting staff at a university in Cebu City, booking a motorcycle ride was not an option.

Instead, he said he has to wake up earlier to allow for more travel time from his house to his work.

“Sa una, magatang nako og jeep around 7:10 a.m. padung work but karon mogawas na ko sa amoa 6 a.m. para naa lang koy allowance if masangit sa trapik,” he said, pointing out that the ongoing construction has added 30 minutes to his travel time.

(Before, I would wait for the jeep around 7:10 to take me to work, but now I leave the house at 6 a.m. just in case my jeep gets stuck in traffic.)

Legarte said he also stays two more hours at work waiting for the rush hour traffic to die down before heading home.

“Magtambay ko og two more hours sa work para huwaton mohubas-hubas ang trapik,” he said.

He said he hopes authorities will temporarily reroute some jeepneys plying the area to reduce the volume of vehicles, especially during rush hour.

Package 1 of the CBRT project covers the route from the Cebu South Bus Terminal on N. Bacalso Ave. to the Cebu Provincial Capital via Osmeña Blvd.

The whole project consists of 13.8 kilometers of segregated lanes covering 17 stations, one depot and a trunk terminal. It will run from the South Road Properties to the IT Park.

Over 60,000 passengers per day are anticipated to use the CBRT once it is fully operational.


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