Singer and songwriter Moira dela Torre leaves netizens abuzz as she shares recent photos of her weight loss after a year and a month.

Dela Torre opens up that she is now 60 lbs lighter and "cleared of hashimoto's hypothyroidism, estrogen dominance, and no longer infertile after 2 years of being declared to be."

"In 2020, I secretly became bulimic for 2 years during a season that left me struggling mentally and physically. But in December 2021, I met Doc Sheree online through Ms. Karen Davila (after an interview I did with her) and that's when she started working on my hormones and forever changed my life for the better. She had me take a hormone test, where she found out what really was messing up my system (stress, depression and misdiagnosed PCOS for years). I've been known to be someone whose weight fluctuated a lot — and I'd get conscious, not really because of my physical appearance but more so because of how I felt internally. I always felt uncomfortable and unable to function at my best. So when we got to the real root of all the misalignment, she knew exactly which supplements to give me and the rest is history," writes Dela Torre.