Pangan: Futile protests

THE RECENT incident involving a belligerent China Coast Guard vessel and a Philippine Coast Guard boat at Ayungin Shoal only highlighted our helpless toward Chinese repeated aggressions.

This incident involved the deliberate lighting on a military grade laser towards the crew of the Philippine Coast Guard vessel ferrying supplies for our troops guarding that part of our exclusive economic zone which China vigorously claims as its own.

At every violation of Chinese Coast Guard vesse;s at the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea to the Chinese), we issue Notes Verbale, courtesy of our Department of Foreign Affairs which is tasked to do the diplomatic protests.

But these protests and notes verbale are, most of the time, ignored by the Chinese claiming they really own the territories.

Why would they claim these in the first place? Under whose administration did the Chinese start intruding into our territories and violating our sovereignty?

Our Constitution expressly prohibits any grant or concession of any part of the territory to any foreign country or residents thereof. Then, why the Chinese intrusions into the West Philippine Sea and even to our exclusive economic zone? We are now having big problems over the Chinese claims on some of our territories at West Philippine Sea, that's why.

* * *

Which corrupt administration gave the Chinese access and concessions to our territories?

Presently, we suffer the belligerence of he Chinese, the acknowledged world bully and their presence is now irreversible and incontestable that we have nobody to blame but ourselves them.Are we that stupid and gullible?

* * *

Remember, we won the International Arbitration award during the term of the late President Noynoy Aquino but for some reasons, we did not push for the enforcement of the ruling. Why?

Now, we have to contend with the brashness and arrogance of the Chinese over the disputed territories we have no one to blame but our stubborn selves.


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