Vloggers and journalists

Vloggers and journalists

A GROUP of students asked about the presence of vloggers and journalists on the internet and why vloggers overshadow journalists.

The question alone was already a statement that vloggers overshadowed journalists. They provided some survey results showing the veracity.

Vloggers and journalists are like analogous structures. They are similar because they are seen on the internet, mostly in social media, but their intentions are different in many ways.

If we take the key here, vloggers overshadow journalists in two aspects: fame and presentation.

Vloggers have a wide range of audience since vlogging and other forms of videos are the trends of the times. Some of them have a significant number of followers.

People prefer to watch videos because they are not just informative but entertaining at the same time. So, they are more familiar with vloggers than journalists.

For some, life and even ideas have become complicated with every passing day. People just want something simple and entertaining. Some vlogs serve that purpose.

Vloggers are very versatile too, and they can use different styles. This is the reason why they appeal more to the audience. They aren't too formal and sophisticated.

Some people are satisfied with watching vlogs as a form of entertainment. The accuracy of the information only becomes secondary.

If one wants accurate information, there’s no other way but to turn to journalists – the credible ones.

Journalists have one thing in mind – to deliver the news and not merely to entertain. Yes, they have the tendency to sound too formal and sometimes sophisticated. This happens because they only want to spread real events and the truth.

But when this happens, when everything becomes formal, sophisticated, and serious, the journalists lose their audience who, in turn, will divert their attention to more attractive videos.

This is simply how it is today. People just want to smile and laugh and share something funny.

Just imagine a scene in the flood. People react to pictures and videos where people continue to eat or play in the middle of the flood rather than people getting out of the flood.

But in terms of truth and accuracy, the journalists are well-trained and their experiences make them more credible compared to vloggers. They know that their mission is to get the story right.

Vloggers’ main intention in creating videos is to entertain while journalists’ main goal is to inform. Unless the vlog’s content is information-driven and the vlogger is well-trained in gathering data, only then that they become comparable.

This way, we can say that vloggers have overshadowed journalists. But there are only a few of them yet.

YouTube influencers, as they call it, are also not comparable to journalists. Unless we are referring to the all-time highest-earning YouTube channel – Raffy Tulfo in Action.

Do vloggers overshadow journalists?

This is now a survey for people who prefer information and people who prefer entertainment.

If it is information over entertainment then it’s the call of the journalists. If it is entertainment over information then it is for the vloggers.

They will not outshine each other because they have different intentions.


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