Cervantes: St. Michael: Amid continuing life of pleasure, “events to take you by surprise”

The recent messages from credible mystics are scary and the fact that they also warn that, amid the difficulties the world has already been experiencing, we have yet to experience “great trials” is even scarier.

The messages are not short of telling us that the trials are some kind of a last ditch move to convert as many as possible, because God wants us in Heaven. Yes, we are being reminded that there is life after this earthly journey and this should give us strength as we wade through the most trying times.

In this light, I am sharing a communication (more strictly known as locution) between Our Lord Jesus Christ and Garabandal visionary Conchita Gonzalez on July 20, 1963, wherein Our Lord affirmed the everlasting existence of each human. It also tells us that in the humblest of human existence, one can be of significant help to the entire world through sacrifices and prayers.

(The Garabandal apparitions of the Blessed Mother were affirmed as supernatural by contemporary St. Padre Pio.)

Recall that in Garabandal, the Blessed Mother prophesied the Warning, the Great Miracle and, conditionally, the Chastisement.

Here is the conversation between Our Lord and Conchita. First, Conchita asked Jesus to “give me a cross since I was living without suffering — except the suffering of not having a cross.”

Jesus answered: Yes, I will give it to you.

Conchita: Why is the Miracle coming? . . . To convert many people?

Jesus: To convert the whole world.

Conchita: Will Russia be converted?

Jesus: It also will be converted; and so everyone will love Our Hearts.

Conchita: Will the Chastisement come afterwards? (There was no answer.)

Conchita: Why do you come to my poor heart, without my meriting it?

Jesus: I certainly do not come for you; I come for all.

Conchita: When the Miracle comes, will it be as if I were the only one who had seen the Virgin?

Jesus: By your sacrifices, your patience, I will allow you to intercede for the accomplishment of the miracle.

Conchita: Wouldn’t it be better for me to be with all the others (the three other visionaries); or if not, that You don’t use any of us to intercede?

Jesus: No.

Conchita: Will I go to Heaven?

Jesus: You should love much and pray to Our Hearts.

Conchita: When will You give me a cross? (No answer.) What will I be? (No answer again.) Am I going to die soon?

Jesus: You have to stay on the earth to help the world.

Conchita: I am very small. I couldn’t help in anything.


Conchita: When does one go to heaven? . . . When one dies?


Conchita: Is St. Peter was at the gate of heaven to receive us?

Jesus: No. (Here, I cut short the locution, noting that Jesus also told Conchita to pray much for priests, so that they would be “holy and fulfill their duties.”)

Now we shift again to stigmatist mystic Luz de Maria who again received another message from St. Michael the Archangel on March 3, 2023. Here is the message:

“Beloved children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: As prince of the heavenly legions, I have come to bring to you the Divine Word.

"My Heavenly Legions stand ready to defend the children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ.

“At this time the call to conversion is direct and necessary for all human beings, who are increasingly disobedient, selfish and depersonalized.

“The human race is copying any ideological model, embracing diabolical rituals, adhering to demonic ideologies that are spreading through society, being a puppet in the hands of evil and acting against our King and Lord Jesus Christ and our Queen and Mother.

“The universe is moving, great changes are taking place and the human race looks up without crying out for Divine Help... All is frivolity and sin!

“The devil is shown in human acts and celebrations, accelerating humanity’s surrender to him.

“How they will suffer for such affronts! How weak the human race is and how they are exchanging bread for stones!

“Humanity will receive instructions that it will sometimes find disconcerting. These are to be implemented in the various aspects of daily life. Everything is going to change, nothing will be the same; therefore, Our Queen and Mother instructs you to be more spiritual and less worldly, so that discernment would keep you away from the Evil One.

“People of God, the spiritual battle is fierce - it is fierce and you cannot and must not yield in any aspect of life. Stand firm in the Faith, without wavering, being of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ and of Our Queen and Mother.

“People of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ:

“Be vigilant, be alert! Tectonic faults have been activated due to the Earth's core, which has changed, and the truth has not been told to humanity, exposed to a disastrous earthquake and tsunami.

“Children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, the changes within the Church continue: changes that confuse the People of God, leading some to desert the Church due to the loss of faith; sectarians belonging to the Devil are taking advantage of this, leading them to other waters that confuse them and which are not those of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ.

“Children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: Visit the Blessed Sacrament, adore and make reparation for all humanity.

“Pray the Holy Rosary with your heart. Call upon your Guardian Angels, request My Assistance and that of My Heavenly Legions.

“The human race continues its life of pleasure, sin and dishonesty; events will therefore take you by surprise and you will be unable to prepare yourselves in advance due to such an abundance of sin.

“Children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, the weapons possessed by the Bear are unknown to all countries and will take humanity by surprise...

“Pray, children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray for Italy: it will suffer, communism will scourge it.

“Pray, children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray, signs of the great famine are appearing in various countries.

“Pray, children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray: the Ring of Fire is shaking, several countries will enter into great Tribulation.

“Pray, children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray, prepare for the great Warning.

“Pray, children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, pray, live this Lent in spirit and in truth.

Beloved of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ: This generation will suffer due to the appearance of the Antichrist and not only suffer, but actively participate in it..

At the same time, however, it will actively participate in the arrival of the angel of peace, sent by the Most Holy Trinity and accompanied by our Queen and Mother to give encouragement to the children of God and so that they would not falter in faith.

“Whatever happens, Our King and Lord Jesus Christ is with His children...Whatever happens, Our Queen and Mother is with Her children...Whatever happens, my Legions protect you...Whatever happens, the Saints and Blessed ones assist you...

“Be not afraid, for Our Queen and Mother is with the children of Her Divine Son. Be not afraid if your faith is as great as a mustard seed.

“You are not forsaken. The Father’s house assists you. You are fortified by the Holy Spirit.

“I light your way and defend you with My Sword.” Amen.


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