NEGROS Occidental officials led by Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson and Vice Governor Jeffrey Ferrer unveiled the new logo of the Panaad sa Negros Festival during its official launch on Tuesday, March 14.

The elements included the sun, the sugarcane, the carabao, the train (iron dinosaur), and the Capitol.


The sun is an ever-present reminder of hope, that every day offers an opportunity to start anew and explore new possibilities.


With its vast sugarcane fields, Negros Occidental is considered the Sugar Bowl of the Philippines.

The story of Negros Occidental can never be told without sugar.

Even in harsh weather conditions, the sugarcane endures.

Thus, it is symbolic of the Negrenses’ resilience and their ability to thrive in the face of adversity.


The mighty carabao is the symbol of strength, power, perseverance, and hard work—traits worthy of emulation.


Known as the "Iron Dinosaur" of Negros Occidental, it was instrumental in the growth of the province’s lumber and sugar industries in the past. It represents efficiency and progress.


More than just a grand structure that reflected the prominence of the province during the boom of the sugar industry, it is the seat and symbol of leadership in Negros Occidental.

This bastion stands to protect and ensure the security, welfare, and well-being of every Negrense.

At present, the provincial officials, under the leadership of Lacson and Ferrer, are not only capable but are ready to share in full measure the hard work, dedication, and probity that government service demands.

This year’s logo, with all its elements, is the embodiment of Negrenses’ collective aspirations and hope, as they embrace the renewed promise of a new beginning.* (PR)