Pangan: A call for a new generation of leadership

US 2024 presidential candidate Nikki Haley of South Carolina, United States may be setting a trend for presidential candidates by announcing that a new set of younger candidates may be good for the US of A.

In her announcement of her presidential bid, she took a snipe at older candidates, citing President Joe Biden, now 82 and former President Donald J. Trump, 74.

She said hopes for a better America are anchored on young energetic and motivated persons who can run the state of affairs of the country better than the older ones.

She even batted for a mental competency tests for candidates to ensure good mental health of those who will be the leaders of her country.

These observations of the two-time governor and one-time representative of the US to the United Nations may jolt the elder candidates but these are feasible ideas which should be adopted and give the younger candidates a fair chance to hold elective offices.

It could be said that the idea of Nikki Haley be adopted by the Filipino electorate and give the younger generation the choice to lead the Philippines to progress and economic growth. By giving the younger ones the chance to lead will be giving fresh ideas to sprout in our political landscape. So much for the old trapos, so they say.

* * *

Here in our country, we might take up the idea of Ms. Haley and groom our young to become the next leaders.

We have the Sangguniang Kabataan officials from whose ranks we could pick out the most qualified national candidates. I believe they now have the experience and aptitude to lead. Which brings us to the topic of political dynasty, a much-ignored subject of discussion by those concerned.

It is within our culture to hold on the reins of government and families perpetuate themselves in power. To these families, holding a position in government is both a badge of power and strength. In our midst are mothers in politics holding various positions which they later on pass to their sons, daughters, nieces and nephews. They occupy elective positions-mayors, givorners, provincial board members, congressmen and senators. Then, the presidency. Ahh!!


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