VICTORIAS City Mayor Javier Miguel Benitez, his fellow officials, and 3rd District Rep. Jose Francisco Benitez led the eight-day annual celebration of the Charter Day of the locality, celebrated on a Kadalag-an Festival that mirrors the distinct culture and heritage of the locality and the celebration of its countless victories.

In a press conference on Thursday, March 16, Mayor Benitez, Joy Famini, Executive Director of the Kadalag-an Festival 2023, and Serafin Plotria invited everyone to come and join the Victoriahanons in celebrating the grand festival of the city.

He said there are a lot of activities and entertainment that the people of Victorias and the visitors will surely enjoy.

His girlfriend, actress Sue Ramirez, will also join him in the major events set for March 17.

He said Victoriahanons will fill the streets with festive colors, bountiful treats, and high-caliber entertainment every year.

Kadalag-an has always been consistent in bringing people together, he said, adding that the global pandemic might have dimmed the brightness of this annual celebration for two consecutive years, but the Victoriahanons never fail to seize the opportunity to celebrate and commemorate the city's Charter Anniversary.

This 2023, Kadalag-an is turning 25, hence, in a few weeks, Victoriahanons will be celebrating the Silver Kadalag-an Festival.

This marks a historic milestone for the city as it signifies its dramatic journey before becoming a component city through the promulgation of Republic Act No. 8488 on February 11, 1998.

This year's festivities will not only be a celebration of its silver anniversary but also its most epic and grand comeback after the global health crisis.

Covid-19 may have toned down the fun of this season, but this year, Victorias won't hold back in bringing back a more electrifying festive feeling to every Victoriahanon.

The Silver Kadalag-an Festival will mark Victorias City's new firsts. Through the dynamic leadership of Benitez and the city government's powerful synergy with the Asenso Sidlak Foundation Inc., Victorias City's first-ever official festival non-government organization partner.

Kadalag-an will bring many wonderful treats to people of all ages and walks of life.

"Sa pagbutlak sang sidlak sang Kadalag-an, aton ipabugal ang halangdon nga Victoriahanon. Malipayon kag madinalag-on nga passaulog sang Kadalag-an Festival sa aton tanan," Mayor Benitez said.

Meanwhile, Bootcamp mentors and pageant experts from the Philippine beauty camp, Aces and Queens, trained the 12 Kadalag-an 2023 candidates on a three-day extensive workshop at the City Sports and Amusement Center, March 10 to 12.

Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Charity Pauline Amelinckx and Miss Universe Philippines 2020 4th Runner-Up Billie Hakenson were among the trainers during the activity.

Hakenson and Amelinckx taught the candidates in pasarela (runway) and question and answer, respectively.

The KQ finalists also underwent personality development with General Manager and Head Stylist of Aces and Queens Mikee Andrei, and make-up with the Managing Director at Culture Salon MNL and Head Make Up Artist of the said beauty camp, Jim Ryan Ros.

Along with Hakenson and Amelinckx, Miss World Philippines 2021 1st Princess, Fitness Coach Riana Pangindian, Head Hairstylist Dave Grona, and Fashion Stylist Yeoh Egwaras were also the mentors in the workshop.

The activity was organized by the 25th Kadalag-an Festival Director, City Information Officer Famini and Team Acids Production.

Victorias City’s official candidate for Lin-ay sang Negros 2023 Paola Nicole Reconquista also participated in the workshop together with the KQ candidates.

Also, ahead of the workshop, Mayor Benitez met with the 12 official candidates during their orientation at the Training Center, February 26.

The pre-pageant night of the Kadalag-an Queen 2023 is slated for March 17, while the coronation night is set for March 18.

KQ 2023 is the highlight of the 25th Kadalag-an Festival celebration.*