Kape Tano is a hard-to-miss Filipino restaurant that serves heirloom recipes located at City Time Square in Mandaue City, Cebu. While the saturated market chooses to distinguish itself with a unique restaurant concept, Kape Tano is a straightforward family eatery in honor of the owner’s father, who is fondly referred to as “Tano.”

The restaurant has a clear vision of what it wants to provide to customers—a dining experience that doesn’t veer too far from the feeling of “home,” one that beams of nostalgic elements and comfort.

“We want that when the customers pass by our restaurant, they will not get too intimidated to come in, no snob appeal at all,” said Kape Tano owner, Shobe Apares.

After her father passed away, she made the decision to keep his memory alive and to commemorate him by opening a restaurant that is reminiscent of the meals they used to enjoy at home. The menu includes some of the late Tano’s favorites.

“The restaurant’s logo is from my father’s handwriting. His personal favorite here is our Kinupsan,” Shobe said.

Shobe is not a stranger in the food industry as well, although this was her first restaurant, she has ventured out on food stalls and small eateries that cater primarily to Cebuanos’ palates.

Together with her husband, Guido, their commitment to local creations became the trademark of Kape Tano. The restaurant offers a breadth of homegrown flavors from Monggos Espesyal that can be perfectly paired with Kinupsan to Chorizo de Cebu, Chopsuey, Palabok Surprise, Stir Fried Canton, and more rich Cebuano cuisine classics.

“Also, for people who have non-Cebuano friends or family they can invite them to this restaurant so they will be introduced to what Cebu’s food tastes like,” said Shobe.

Although having mastered Cebuano cuisine in the first month of their preparation, the owners plan to diversify their menu by adding Asian cuisines in the next months.

The cooks at Kape Tano, in collaboration with the restaurant’s award-winning pastry chefs Jon Monford and German Bondoc, have also helped them create distinctive classics that are reasonably priced. Red Velvet Cheesecake, Chocolate Moist, Chocolate Fudge, and other affordable pastries are Kape Tano’s specialty.

What makes Kape Tano different is that the owners of Kape Tano have successfully reflected their perception of “home,” which was inspired by her father’s love, making the restaurant both intimate and casual in the same breath.