PHILIPPINE boxing, particularly here in Cebu, has a new ally in Cebu-based Aussie promoter Christian Faust.

Faust, the head honcho of Money Punch Promotions, has linked up with former world title challenger and renowned boxing coach Edito Villamor to develop the youth and hopefully build champions of the sport in the future.

“Money Punch is about working with the people like coach Villamor who are really engrossed in the grassroots programs and bringing opportunity to those less fortunate to grow into responsible adult, that’s the first objective. Coach Villamor is an expert at this by teaching the young kids to keep away from drugs, keep off the streets by getting them into the training program. Everyone in the world knows that if you’re engaged in a sport, you’re less likely to go on the street and cause havoc and problems and become a mischievous child. So, Money Punch is about helping people like Villamor to achieve their objective,” said Faust.

“The most important thing is to develop amateur boxers and give them an opportunity to progress and train and learn the right from experts like coach Villamor, who has achieved greatness.”

Faust, who did boxing in the military and has decades of experience in wushu, is currently sponsoring Villamor’s grassroots program, wherein they are currently holding monthly amateur boxing events. He promised to bankroll the amateur program for the next 12 months.

“I’m happy that I have his support for my amateur program,” Villamor said. “That’s big factor for the kids that they’ll gain interest in boxing and be kept away from vices.”

Faust will try to lure in more international sponsors to help fund Villamor’s grassroots program.

“A lot of the young fighters these days don’t have the opportunity because the funding is not there. This is not just in the Philippines, it’s also in New York and Brooklyn, it’s also in Australia, it’s also in Germany. Unless you’ve got somebody that’s financially supporting you or sponsoring you. Sponsoring just some gloves and some wraps isn’t going to do it. You really need to sponsor education, training, sparring. It’s not just about the physical aspect of it but also about the mental development of the child. To become a responsible adult because not all of them will become successful boxers. Some of them may never have the opportunity to be professional boxers. But the opportunity of the boxer as an amateur will give them an insight of becoming a better person. I think that’s the primary role of Money Punch. As a business, Money Punch, of course, will seek to develop talent from those particular up-and-coming stars from the amateurs who will progress to professional boxing and to give them the opportunity that they need and to enhance their ability to become professional fighters. Again, money is an important aspect of it. Not all promoters will stick in money to develop their fighters,” said Faust, who has been living in Cebu since 2008.

Faust will also try to venture in other combat sports like mixed- martial arts (MMA), bareknuckle fighting and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. He’s also breaking into the professional boxing scene and will be promoting his first pro boxing event at a tentative date of April 23, 2023 in Consolacion.

Faust now has his first pro boxer in Niño Rio Saoy, who just turned professional last year. Saoy is known in the Cebuano fight scene as a talented MMA fighter.

Saoy will be seeing action in Money Punch’s first event next month.