Was it cedarwood, lemon, lavender, extra virgin oil, or even the unusual vodka? Well, would you believe that all these scents and oils mixed together would produce an ever-relaxing activity?

Seda Hotel Central Bloc thinks so. During its third anniversary and pre-Valentine affair, the hotel introduced us to various exotic essential oils. Initially, Sybil Lumbab of Young Living blended her own calming/sleep mixture consisting of two or three of the above oils... when presto! Suddenly, a pleasant and relaxing scent enveloped the room.

No, we didn’t fall asleep, but we certainly felt less stressed!

Then, we were convinced to blend our own, wherein I created the “happy blend,” a mix of joy, lemon and valor with a dose of vodka as the carrier oil. It is popularly used to promote good vibes and lift the depressed spirit.

Amazing indeed what these essential oils can do. If I may add, there’s even one called “DiJest,” which as the name suggests, makes you feel great after a heavy meal!

Sybil also carried a complete kit with many more products to feel relieved, serious, inspired, letting go etc. — all for wellness and relaxation.

With such a refreshing and relaxing ambiance, it was time for sumptuous snacks to be served, Seda-style. The affair was impeccably hosted by Seda VIPs; manager Ron Manalang, director of sales Thrina de la Calzada and communications officer Frances Antoinette Chavez. In closing, manager Ron shared a proud fact: During the Covid Pandemic, Seda Central Bloc never closed, even for a day. With determination and resilience, it survived the crisis. For this, we laud Seda management and staff!


Theresians get together once more! At Cafe Georg one lunch hour, six members of High School Class 1959 had a ball, just being with each other and re-telling their “aches and pains.” What do you expect from senior citizens like us?

Kidding aside, it was an update on the whys and wherefores of their other classmates. Where are you now, members of St. Theresa’s College HS-Class 1959?

Please keep the last Wednesday of each month free for lunch at Casino Español de Cebu. We look forward to seeing you!