ACCORDING to the 2023 Global Digital Report by Meltwater and We Are Social, the Philippines has become one of Southeast Asia's most promising new digital markets with high usage in social media use. Today, up to 46 percent of social media users aged 16 to 64 follow influencers, owing to their tech-savvy and early adopter nature, especially in online communication.

Despite being a global lead in social media use, the Philippines still faces challenges in internet speed, cost, and accessibility, trailing behind its Southeast Asian counterparts and the rest of the world, largely due to the connectivity obstacles presented by its geography of 7,640 islands.

To address this issue, Kacific, a next-generation satellite operator based in Singapore, has partnered with local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to provide reliable and affordable broadband connectivity in remote and underserved areas in the Philippines. One of the key players in this partnership is the Kacific Authorized Distributor (KAD).

Kacific has a locally embedded network of more than 150 authorized distributors through many local ISP partners to connect remote communities with reliable internet and provide 24/7 aftersales service. With its nationwide distribution network, Kacific was able to connect over a hundred thousand end users catering to internet requirements of various sectors like tourism, mining, finance, and agri-fisheries across the Philippines.

Kacific's partnership with KADs, who possess a local touch, enables easier communication and business transactions with local partners due to their familiarity with the language and culture of their respective regions. This results in quicker response times and more efficient support, ultimately improving customer satisfaction.

The crucial role of KADS in advancing connectivity throughout the Philippines

KADs play a vital role in providing reliable, high-speed, and affordable satellite-based connectivity in the Philippines by promoting and selling Kacific's broadband services to end-users, providing technical support and customer service. In addition, they are instrumental in bridging the digital divide by connecting areas beyond the reach of fibre infrastructure.

The Benefits of being a KAD

Apart from enhancing internet connectivity in the Philippines, becoming a KAD brings several advantages, such as access to state-of-the-art satellite technology, training, and support for business success. KADs can earn lucrative commissions. Earnings of a KAD starts at P18,550 (P8,550 from equipment resale and P10,000 from installation) and can reach up to P160,000 per site, depending on the plan that is activated.

"One can earn a lot as a Kacific's KAD. Within two years, we got projects in various local agencies through hard work and perseverance in marketing Kacific's product. We immediately built a three-row building which we plan to use as a stock room for our products," Orlan Calosa, one of the Kacific's top KADs, shared.

KADs also receive specialized marketing support such as distributor and shops branding, Kacific-branded merchandise, social media promotions and press releases and feature their end-user testimonials. Most of all, they can join a community of individuals and companies aiming to connect underserved areas.

Kacific acknowledges their local ISP partners and authorized distributors outstanding efforts and operational excellence in providing reliable broadband in the Philippines through their Kacific Authorized Distributor Awards ceremonies. Check out this video ( to see how their award recipients feel about their achievements.

Kacific Authorized Distributors have undeniably made a significant impact in the Philippines by providing internet connectivity to remote islands and rural communities, improving the lives of individuals and opening up opportunities for businesses and education. This has become more crucial than ever, especially with the pandemic forcing many Filipinos to work and study from home, highlighting the importance of reliable internet connectivity.

"For our Sub-Ds or those who aspire to become KADs, don't think twice. Kacific can help you a lot in the KAD program. Whatever I enjoyed with Kacific, I'm sure you will experience it too," Orlan concluded.

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