Tell it to SunStar: On teacher’s promotion

Tell it to SunStar: On teacher’s promotion

By Raul P. Constantino

President, Teachers’ Dignity Coalition-Central Visayas

I have been asked about the possible limitations of teacher applicants to only one salary grade higher if the new Merit Selection Plan under Department of Education Order No. 19, series of 2022, is implemented.

It is essential to note that the Civil Service Commission Resolution No. 03-0106 dated Jan. 24, 2003 provides exceptions to the policy guidelines on the three salary grade limitation on promotion, as follows:

When the person occupies the position next-in-rank to the vacant position in the Merit Selection Plan and the System of Ranking Positions of the agency;

When the position is a lone or entrance position in the agency staffing pattern;

When the position belongs to the dearth category, such as medical officer specialist positions and attorney positions;

When the position is unique or highly specialized, such as Actuarial positions and Airways Communicator;

When the candidate passes through a rigorous selection process, considering their superior qualifications in terms of academic achievements, specialized training, relevant work experience, and consistent high performance rating ranking;

When the vacant position belongs to the closed career system.

Any or all of the foregoing circumstances would constitute a meritorious case exempted from the three-salary grade rule. Therefore, the law is not entirely inflexible. It will always find a way to uphold what is fair, just and equitable.

Hence, the so-called “quantum leap” is permissible if the applicant possesses the necessary qualifications. I can attest to this personally. I recall how my former school principal (I prefer not to mention his name) tried to prevent me from applying for the Head Teacher 3 post when I was only a “Teacher 1.”

Despite the school’s discouragement, I firmly insisted and presented my case. Fortunately, I was selected for the position. Currently, I am the assistant principal in Pardo National High School.

For this reason, it is vital for teachers to be aware of their rights to promotion.


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