Panglao: Sandy showstopper, perks a luxurious stay


I accidentally bump the table during breakfast, still feeling a bit high from an amazing night of sleep—thanks to the spacious accommodation and cozy king size bed. A little coffee wave forms, spilling over the lip and onto the saucer. I ignore the little calamity and storm off to the buffet station for my fill of hams, croissants and what not. When I return, the saucer is now untainted; a cup filled with fresh brew.

Journalists are trained to be critical of everything. It’s plausible that resort management had already instructed servers to ensure everything is smooth sailing for the media delegation staying at Henann Tawala Resort, Bohol.

But no. Having stayed in one of its Boracay properties a few months prior, and having experienced—more or less—the same stellar brand of service, I rested well at the thought that I had found a winner in Henann.

I’ve been to the island of Panglao several times, and have always been a fan of its milky sand, gentle waves and overall serenity—as compared to bombastic Boracay. Adding Henann to the picture—amazing hospitality, solid amenities, quality food and drinks—ensures guests a good time.

I haven’t been to all nine of its resorts (soon to surpass double-digit territory, including plans for a Mactan, Cebu property), but it is impressive as to how Henann manages to replicate its standard from one property to another. Henann Tawala is its newest one, launched in 2022.

Premium for all

A select group of lifestyle media was hosted at the resort for a relaxing three-day, two-night stay. During one lunch, I asked Henann Group of Resorts president Alfonso Louis Chusuey on how he would rank Henann on the scale of luxury, considering its ability to offer premium services at competitive prices.

“We’re premium for all—everyone can afford it,” said Alfonso, adding how the resort brand is comfortably in a position to dictate rates and all to better serve the needs of its clientele.

The resort is situated on Alona Beach which is known for its white sand and clear waters. Henann Tawala currently has over 200 guest rooms, featuring premium facilities such as its signature direct pool access rooms, multiple swimming pools, a restaurant, pool bar and the Alona beachfront area.

Strategic location

Due to its location, Henann Tawala boasts the “best of both worlds”—walk a few meters to the right of the property and you’re boarding a van and off to see Bohol’s famous attractions like the Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Sanctuary and Loboc River Cruise. Walk a few meters to the left, and you get access to the beautiful Alona beach and can go on fun activities like stand-up paddling or island hopping.

The property is also designed to accommodate delegations and conventions as it is beside the 2,160 square-meter Henann Convention Center. Interesting to note, the accommodations at Tawala are slightly priced lower as compared to the Alona property: Henann Resort Alona Beach, Bohol.

Destination for Cebuanos

While the easiest beach escapades for those in Metro Cebu would arguably be at the resorts in Mactan Island (which would just take about an hour’s worth of driving), some of the more captivating beach destinations are located in towns about three- to four-hours away, either north- or south-bound.

For a change of pace and literally, a change of scenery—a two- or three-day stay in Bohol does not seem much of a hassle for Cebuanos: Take a two-hour fast craft trip from Pier 1 (near Plaza Independencia) to the port of Tagbilaran, and then ride a van to Panglao situated just 30-40 minutes away.

Panglao has always been the sandy showstopper it has been, and Cebuanos should at least visit the beautiful island at least once.

Attainable luxury

Henann has earned itself a seat around the table of premier resort options in the country. There’s the picturesque pool and stunning beach to explore, there’s the competitively priced food and drinks, and there’s the top quality accommodations and amenities. All these, elevated by its attention to service and hospitality.

In conclusion, Panglao offers that total island adventure. Add a luxurious stay at Henann Tawala Resort, Bohol? Families, friends or couples now have a fantastic and relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.


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