A SCIENTIST from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) says nanotechnology has “so much potential” in the country.

Dr. Chosel Lawagon, a DOST Balik-Scientist and Director at Center of Green Nanotechnology Innovations for Environmental Solutions of the University of Mindanao (UM), said nanotechnology can be developed in the country, as it is cheaper to create these types of innovations.

Nanotechnology is a manipulation of matter on a tiny molecular scale to create new technologies or devices.

“Nanotechnology [is a technology in which you] operate matter or to molecular level in a tiny scale... isa ka hair strand i-divide nato na ug (a hair strand divided by) 100,000, that’s how small our scale is,” Lawagon said.

However, Lawagon said this nanotechnology potential could come to fruition with the support of the government and acceptance of the public.

“It has so much potential kasi we will be using lang (we will just use) very low amounts of materials para makahimo ta sa usual product na ginagamit (to create products),” Lawagon said.

“But then potential for business, it will take support jud sa (it will really need support from) government... another support for the government to allow technologies to our end na masuportahan siya by the communities (our communities support),” she added.

Lawagon said the Philippines had already invested in nanotechnology, such as in cements which use tiny molecular additives to self-heal, or types of fabric which have atoms binding together to add strength to the fabric. She added that at least six companies in the Philippines venture into nanotechnology.

However, she admitted that nanotechnology can be quite difficult to be adopted instantly to the public, since more research and application must be done. (ICE)