THE Cebu City Government will tap backyard raisers and small-time farmers in coming up with measures to ensure food security in the city amid the challenges affecting the hog industry and to combat the effects of inflation.

Cebu City Farmers Federation president Elecio Cantano, in an interview on Sunday, March 26, 2023, said they will help the government come up with measures and programs to ensure there will be no food shortage.

“As long as the purpose and the direction of the mayor is for the betterment, we will support him,” Cantano said.

Mayor Michael Rama, in a press conference on Friday, March 24, 2023, announced that he would hold a Food Security Summit “soon” with the participation of both government and nongovernment offices to create a food security masterplan that would serve as the foundation to ensure a sustainable food supply and stable prices.

Based on the record of the City Agriculture Department, the city has around 13,000 farmers in 28 mountain barangays who produce vegetables, fruit crops and livestock, among others.