THERE is much to enjoy on the world-renowned Boracay island in Malay, Aklan.

This writer captured some awesome sceneries and panoramas during my short stay on this island. The picturesque stunning sunset, with the Paraw boats magnificently blended with the scenery.

The local and foreign tourists strolled, and many queued to board the Paraw boats to see the sun setting while on board the boat. Everyone wants to witness the sunset and capture the lovely scenes using their camera phones and DSLR cameras.

The influx of tourists on this island is so incredible that everyone in the service industry is busy taking care of the needs of the tourists, from the port, porters, and drivers of various modes of transportation, to hotels, lodging, eateries, and cafes, among others.

The locals have so much to earn, especially in the peak of the summer season when Boracay is among the preferred tourist destinations o Filipinos and foreign tourists.

Koreans and other foreign nationalities abound on the island.

The busiest time is in the afternoon when people start swimming, boating, and taking photos in the famous transparent kayak with the boatman as the photographer.

In the morning, people jog, stroll, and sit by the beach to relax while watching the small waves in the sea.

The powdery white sand is the best therapy when people walk barefoot, and it's a pleasant experience to do it frequently while they are still on the island.

Boracay is a destination worthy of visiting. It's like spending a vacation in a world-class tourist destination. One will just be creative on how you, your family, and friends can get there, spending wisely the right budget for your travel.