THE CebuDoc Group has always been at the forefront of innovative healthcare solutions. Its newest addition, the Center for Advanced Nutrition (CAN), is no exception. This multi-disciplinary nutrition intervention center is the first-of-its-kind in the Visayas and Mindanao region and aims to promote positive nutrition practices, becoming the cornerstone of nutrition in the Philippines.

“The Center for Advanced Nutrition is the newest addition to CebuDoc Group’s Wellness Centers. It is the region’s first multi-disciplinary nutrition intervention center. We envision CAN becoming the pioneer for other sister hospitals to promote positive nutrition practices,” said Dr. Potenciano S.D “Yong” Larrazabal III, CebuDoc Group president and chairman of the board.

CAN offers a comprehensive range of services, including weight management, kidney care nutrition, diabetes nutrition therapy, cancer nutrition, meal planning, bioelectrical impedance analysis and indirect calorimetry, serving both inpatients and outpatients at a cost within their reach. What sets CAN apart from other nutrition centers is its focus on excellence, evidenced-based research and multi-specialty approach, involving dietitians, nurses, pharmacists and physicians’ subspecialties.

“Nutrition is a very complicated science because it is connected to every body function. What makes the center different is that it is a multi-specialty center that involves the dietician, the nurse, the pharmacist and all the other subspecialties of physicians. It focuses on their communication with each other,” shared Dr. Mary Karen Woolbright.

Body Water Analyzer 2.0 and the Indirect Calorimetry

To provide the most accurate nutrition prescription and support, CAN uses two innovative machines, the Body Water Analyzer 2.0, and the Indirect Calorimetry, the first in the Philippines and in the Visayas and Mindanao, respectively. The Body Water Analyzer 2.0 is a professional body water analyzer that accurately measures body composition and changes for nutritional evaluation.

“We have the highest end of the body composition analysis that checks your muscles, your fat composition, your water content. It’s not just about weight, it is how healthy your weight is. Because you could be at your normal weight, but skinny fat,” Doctor Woolbright explained.

On the other hand, Indirect Calorimetry measures oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production, assessing energy expenditure and fuel utilization by the body.

“Therefore, indirect calorimetry can be used to optimize the nutritional support in metabolic disorders and to quantify the energy requirements of patients,” explained Dr. Maricel Malazarte.

The center’s mission goes beyond weight loss, as it caters to patients with underlying conditions such as heart problems, renal problems and diabetes, among others. The CAN’s multi-disciplinary team provides nutrition support, emphasizes the need for nutrition and provides follow-ups for post-admitted patients, ensuring continued nutrition support after patients’ discharge from the hospital.

With CAN, you CAN

CAN’s advocacy begins and ends with Filipino patients, with the center envisioning becoming the pioneer for other sister hospitals to promote positive nutrition practices. With CAN, patients can attain better curative and wellness nutrition care. Being healthy does not come with any size. The choice of lifestyle solidifies the definition of one’s health and CAN is here, taking the lead to be patients’ partner while they recover at home.

“We will start here at CebuDoc Group among our employees and staff, to set an example for our patients. With timely nutrition intervention, yes you can,” said Doctor Woolbright.

Doctor Larrazabal said that being healthy doesn’t come with any size, adding that the choice of lifestyle solidifies the definition of one’s health.

“Here at CAN, we don’t want our patients to be admitted again. CAN is here, taking the lead to be their partner while they are continuously recovering at home. With CAN, we will address nutritional problems that can help determine the needs of Filipinos. Here in CAN, we will help you attain better curative and wellness nutrition care,” he added.

Experience the top-of-the-line nutrition management at CAN, located on the fifth floor of the CebuDoc University Hospital Medical Arts Building. With timely nutrition intervention, you can achieve optimal health and wellness.