THE best part about going to a PLAYERTWO allows you to be surrounded by music in a way not even the best headphones could match. The bass is strong enough to be felt throughout your entire body, which makes for a unique experience you can’t find anywhere else.

Player Two is Davao’s scrappy Hip Hop Kids on the rise. Barely a year into making a debut, they found viral success with their goofy single, “That’s My Baby”, under the tutelage of Paraislaand and inking a label deal with Warner Music Philippines, they are the newest face of an increasingly visible Bisaya rap movement, alongside pioneers Midnasty and HipHop DX , among others.

PLAYERTWO performed songs including HDYF, Thinking of Love, Chasing Kites, P2E Energy, TMB, TikTikTokin, and What’s on My Mind. The crowd joined in as they started the rapid-fire lyrics, gravity-defying dance steps, light moshing, and the core banging head rocks.

Cultivating a homegrown talent strategy, Ayala Malls Abreeza aims to empower Dabawenyo talents and wanted to create a venue for them to showcase their talents.

The front act for the show is also from Davao, Dee, a solo independent bedroom artist who mostly incorporates guitar playing in tracks but also has influences from pop, funk, rap, and indie rock music. He performed four songs, Imagination, 13 Hours, All and Over and Loved by You.

Frank Blanco, on the other hand, is a hip-hop artist, fueled with passion and desire to better his craft. “I aim to do big things with my work”. Hoping that one day he’d be recognized, for now, he says "Fake it 'til you make it, because your past should be the manifestation of your future," and that is what he is doing.

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