GRAB, the Philippines’ leading superapp, is proud to announce the launch of its GrabCar service in Iloilo.

Grab Philippines is committed to offering its unmatched safety, service quality, convenience, and reliability to Ilonggos and visiting tourists.

As one of the newest additions to Grab’s offering in Iloilo, this launch marks the official start of the road to 500,000 new livelihood opportunities within the transport sector across the country.

By widening its service offerings in the city, Grab believes it can help in further accelerating digital inclusion and transformation in Iloilo.

Grab is already present in Iloilo with GrabTaxi, GrabFood, and GrabExpress. Since launching its deliveries business last 2020, GrabFood is now Iloilo’s most beloved food delivery platform -- winning the hearts of Ilonggo consumers and local MSMEs.

In line with this strong proposition, Grab is bullish in its prospects toward being number one in the hearts and minds of Ilonggos hearts when it comes to mobility services too.

“The launch of GrabCar in Iloilo is a very exciting time as this marks the beginning of our journey towards delivering hundreds of thousands of meaningful livelihoods to our kababayans. We aim to delight our Ilonggo locals and tourists, and deliver the very best service to our consumers as well as our driver and merchant partners. We also hope to be a catalyst of digitalization for many of our Ilonggo institutions and become part of everyday life,” said Grab Philippines country head Grace Vera Cruz.

Grab is a major source of livelihood in the Philippines, and through the launch of its GrabCar service, Grab is looking to make a positive contribution to the local economy; both as a provider of transport services, and as a livelihood partner. By creating new earning opportunities, Grab Philippines is strategically positioned to contribute to the economic development of the city.

For its users, Grab provides an array of services which include mobility, deliveries, and financial services. Grab’s intuitive superapp is designed to meet the everyday needs of its users, and create a simpler and more efficient life for Filipinos. This approach is one of the core tenets of Grab’s vision -- digital transformation as a means to drive economic growth.

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, Iloilo City is one of the Philippine’s top 5 cities at the pole position of digital transformation. GrabCar’s launch in the city reaffirms Grab’s undiluted commitment towards empowering the Ilonggos, and aiding the digital transformation process.

Furthermore, this is a strategic opportunity to further drive domestic productivity in Iloilo by utilizing the convenience offered by GrabCar. By simplifying the everyday demands for mobility, Grab Philippines hopes to assist in providing better access to essential services.

“Grab is very grateful to our local and national government and business partners who help us continue our mission of empowering everyday entrepreneurs through our platform. We are deeply motivated by the Iloilo community’s fervent support for digital transformation initiatives and digital platforms. With the success of Grabfood, and now through the launch of GrabCar, Grab hopes to make a positive contribution to the life of every Ilonggo,” said Vera Cruz. (PR)