With so much information accessible in the world, and limited time to learn all these, this somehow gives us a permit to be clueless on some matters.

There are a lot of questions we don’t have answers to but when it comes to our appearance—haircuts, for example—we are almost always certain on what we want for ourselves. Whether it calls for a confidence-booster, personal hygiene, a company or school policy, or for cultural and religious practices, a haircut has been a symbol for a deeper purpose or identity.

Stumbling upon a good barber then is a luck you don’t want to take for granted. Luckily for the gentlemen living in Talisay City, a group of talented barbers go by the vision to “unite everyone one haircut at a time.”

“The stereotype that barbers are just people who cut hair and nothing more is challenging because for us, barbers are artists. too,” said KITCUTS owner Kit Ian Chiong.

A good haircut makes a good brotherhood. KITCUTS has a mission to connect with its clients. More than finding a good razor and scissors, it’s also a huge undertaking for its barbers to earn the trust of their clients.

“We have six barbers: one Master Barber, two senior barbers and three junior barbers. Everyone with years of experience had cut thousands of hair. They are trained to be specialized in men’s hair. Down from understanding the customer’s facial shape and structure, and the type of hair they have,” Kit said.

There’s no question that it’s truly important that the barber has to get to know a person on a certain level to get it right, and this is what KITCUTS attempts to achieve.

“What we do is craft and precision. Not everyone can do this. Someday, I want to witness children in school saying they want to become firemen or policemen but also to proudly consider becoming barbers when they grow up,” Kit said.

Unknown to many, this barbershop brings in the “islander style barbering” which Kit learned during his stay in New Zealand. It’s about making a barbershop a gentlemen’s oasis, with an excellent eye for detail while still making it affordable to people.

When Kit was learning to cut hair, he was taught by the Islanders (Tongans, Samoans, Kiwis). They have their own style of pattern in fading, which is now KITCUTS’ signature cut.

When KITCUTS first began in 2018, Kit said that he and Melven Detuya, whom he regarded as the backbone of the business, had a shared vision to elevate the standard men’s grooming experience. Both their barbers and clients are not just people with a transactional relationship, instead they become part of the brotherhood that cares about the people in the community.

“A haircut is not really our product here. What we are selling is a lifestyle. The products and services in the shop are just a tool to achieve the real product: Masculine empowerment,” the owner explained.

Inside the shop, a coffee station can be seen which is called “Ah Brad’s Brew” — it’s a thoughtful addition to the barbershop and could be a nice touch for customers who want to enjoy a cup of coffee while they wait or relax during their visit.

A clothing brand and hair pomade brands are also displayed inside the shop which provides customers with a complete lifestyle experience that goes beyond just grooming.

“The interior of the shop is based on a minimalist design and is customized to fit the personality of the brand. We wan’t to make it simple and not hard on the eyes while making sure that they see the personality behind the shop.”

When a business is driven by a deep passion for its work and a commitment to excellence, it can inspire others to share in that enthusiasm and become invested in the success of the shop.

“We want to live by the quote that ‘sometimes, you don’t need a therapist, just a good barber.’” KITSCUTS is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and located in Unit 1A, Southface Arcade, San Isidro Road, Tabunok, Talisay City, Cebu. Walk-in customers are welcome but reservations are encouraged.