The United States government is extending more than $27 million or P1.4 billion for the upgrade of the runway of Basa Air Base in Florida Blanca. The armed forces of the Philippines should ask for more. Not only the runway that needs to be upgraded. The whole camp should be modernized like the installation of a new radar, rehabilitation of the buildings and enclosed it with high perimeter walls for its security. And hopefully too the Air Force contingent base in Clark Freeport be relocated there.The American presence in the country is now being felt easily and slowly. It is basically the the West Philippine sea issue and China’s rattling the sword vs Taiwan. Add the the North Korea’s firing Intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM).

At this early, borrowing the “bubuit” of broadcaster Deo Macalma of DZRH, it’s whispering to many ears that Congressman Aurelio ‘Dong’ Gonzales is already mending fences by distributing periodically some largesse to San Fernando constituents. People queue to his residence for the envelopes. Incumbent Mayor Vilma Caluag is in for a tight race. There are already so many negative talks regarding her governance. It seems she quite unpopular among city hall workers. Tsk, tsk,tsk.

If you are a movie addict like me, I am recommending to you to watch on Disney App the flick Big Bet, a Korean movie that essays the story of a man who since childhood met all kind of adversities and highlighted by his life as a toughie. Several scenes were shot in Manila and in Clark Freeport. Somehow you’ll get an understanding of the ethics of most Koreans, particularly those engaged in some businesses in our country.

Looking back, it was us as a member of the board of directors of Clark International Airport Corporation from 2001 to 2009 that we rolled our sleeves and started hosting the influx of Korean tourists. Chichos Luciano who was then CIAC president led air services agreements with several airlines to fly in at Clark airport. And earlier, the late Clark Development Corporation Chairman Rizalino ‘Roy’ Navarro tasked United Parcel Services (UPS) to advance lease rentals for the upgrade of the airport’s tarmac. The rest is history.

Jack Uy is a visionary like his younger brother Dennis. His Best Western Hotel recently opened its doors. The latest among the restaurants in Balibago is nestled on the fourth floor of the hotel. Thrice I dined there with my friends from Wednesday Club and we enjoyed all what the food menu can offer. The ambiance in the room will transport the diners for a while to China.

I was one of the hundreds of attendees from several water companies,both government and private, who listened to President Bongbong Marcos and detailed in his speech his administration’s program in how to mitigate the looming water crisis in the country. Guy Lopez, general manager of the Angeles City Water District briefed the president on the water issue while they were on the way to the meeting hall of SMX convention arena at the Mall of Asia in Pasay city.