A POLICEMAN and two civilians were killed, while three others were injured, including the two policemen, following a stabbing incident at Barangay Salvacion, Murcia, Negros Occidental, at 1:10 a.m. Friday, March 31.

Police identified the fatalities as Corporal Gabby Castillo, who was detailed at the 2nd Negros Occidental Provincial Mobile Force Company (NOPMFC); Benedict Maguad, a resident of Barangay Zone V, Murcia; and Marvin Guardavilla, a resident of La Castellana.

Injured were Police Staff Sergeant Namelou Sapuan, 35, a resident of Barangay Bernabe, Murcia; Staff Sergeant Jaytie Misme, 35, a resident of Tabao, Barangay Zone IV, Valladolid, both detailed at the NOPMFC; and Fernando Diaz, a resident of Barangay Sta. Cruz, Murcia.

Major Marc Joeil Reclamado, chief of the Murcia Municipal Police Station, said the victims were stabbed by Marjun Gallano along with his nephew Jojie Gallano, both residents of Barangay Canlandog, and Jojies's live-in partner Ching Jingco, a resident of Barangay Zone 1, Murcia.

Investigation showed that the group of Gallano and Guardavilla were having a drinking session at Handy's Restobar in Barangay Salvacion when a heated argument ensued between them.

Reclamado said Marjun, a sugarcane worker, took his knife and attacked Guardavilla several times.

He said Castillo and his two companions, who were in civilian attire, were also in the area and tried to pacify them.

However, he added that Marjun also attacked Castillo and his two companions several times.

Reclamado said that Maguad, a customer, also tried to pacify him, but Marjun also attacked him along with Diaz, the owner of the restobar.

He said Castillo, Maguad, Guardavilla, Sapuan, Misme, and Diaz sustained multiple stab wounds. They were brought to a hospital in Bacolod City, but Castillo, Maguad, and Guardavilla did not survive.

Police recovered from the scene two Glock 17 .9mm pistols, issued firearms to Castillo and Misme.

The suspects fled on board a motorcycle.

Reclamado said Marjun was arrested in a follow-up operation at Barangay Canlandog at about 6 a.m. His nephew and Jingco were also arrested in the area.

He said Marjun was previously charged with murder, but he settled the case with the family of the victim.

He added the suspects are detained at the station's custodial facility and will be charged with multiple murder and homicide.

Moreover, Sapuan, Misme, and Diaz are now in stable conditions.*