TRISTINE Eliza Navarro Te had always envisioned her coming-of-age celebration. Without a doubt, her favorite Disney film “Enchanted” was her ultimate peg.

“My party’s theme was based on this movie because I was and still am absolutely obsessed with it. We also took inspiration from other fairytales and princess stories that I grew up with,” shares the charming Grade 11 Ateneo de Manila Senior High student.

With her 18th birthday revolving around the whimsical fairytale aesthetic, Tristine and her doting parents Michael and Ma. Esther Ann Te teamed up with Davao’s creative and reliable suppliers to make the debutante’s grand vision come to fruition.

From Andalasia to Central Park

“The dainty invitation by the Lucky Cat Press looked like a storybook with the color scheme inspired by my first ball gown. Inside, there was an acrylic page with the details of my debut surrounded by pastel flowers,” describes Tristine.

The STEM student explained that the iconic musical sequence in “Enchanted” where the main lead Giselle “goes running around Central Park while singing her heart out” was where most of the elements of her debut were culled from.

As the guests arrived at the Dusit Thani Hotel Grand Ballroom, they passed through an enthralling tunnel with two LED screens playing clips from the movie’s opening scene. It was as if they were being welcomed into the animated world of Andalasia, the mesmerizing kingdom in “Enchanted”. Hats off to the floral and event stylist par excellence Khim Cruz for the impressive ethereal ballroom transformation and Event Essentials by Katrine Sarmiento, the superb organizer and director of the lavish celebration.

For the sensational opening number, Muzic’s Kool Artists composed of singers as well as ballet dancers performed the song “True Love’s Kiss”. On the screen, the audience could see a cartoon figure of Giselle in Andalasia mystically transforming into a human. The LED screen dramatically split, and lo and behold, Tristine appeared like a dream on stage. The background then shifted to Central Park, and the debutante was transported to New York City, the fast-paced modern-day setting of “Enchanted”.


Davao’s acclaimed young designer Maizy Colleen imaginatively created several show-stopping gowns for the lovely debutante.

“The ball gown I wore in my debut was based on the dress Giselle wore in the Central Park musical number while the second ensemble was loosely inspired by Rapunzel, another Disney princess from the movie ‘Tangled’,” details Tristine.

During her pre-debut photoshoot in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, the debutante also donned a gown ala Morgan’s (Giselle’s stepdaughter) powder blue dress in “Enchanted’s” sequel, “Disenchanted”. Another dress she wore at the shoot was based on Mia Thermopolis’ white gown from the film “Princess Diaries”.

Meanwhile, MJ Mac and Daryl Sayago did Tristine’s stunning hair and makeup. “Since a lot of my gowns were based on the fictional characters’ gowns, we followed the looks that those characters had in those films and made just a few adjustments to better compliment my features,” the Davao Christian High School alumna says.

On the other hand, the fairytale-themed birthday cake showcased a storybook bottom layer with the rest of the cake sprouting out. The sweet creation by Honey Loyola was festooned with exquisite pastel flowers, a tiny blue bird, and Chip, the lovable squirrel from “Enchanted”.

Throughout the debut celebration, beloved tunes from “Enchanted” as well as instrumental music from popular Disney movies kept the fairytale vibe on fleek.

Surprise ending

During her debut, Tristine was overjoyed hearing her parents’ touching speech and considered the 18 Candles, 18 Treasures, and 18 Roses as among her debut’s highlights.

“I felt very loved hearing all the sweet messages and gifts that my friends and family prepared for me. It was also fun dancing with people close to my heart, especially my dad during the 18 Roses,” she shares.

At the end of the celebration, the captivating debutante thanked the guests with a short message and introduced her surprise ‘gift’.

“Please welcome my favorite OPM band!” she eagerly announces.

It was none other than the well-loved band Ben & Ben who played their hit songs to culminate the party.

“It was totally amazing! I had a wonderful time throughout their performance and am extremely grateful that we were able to invite them. It was quite amusing to see everyone else’s reactions to their presence and to have shared that moment with them is a gift I will treasure forever,” Tristine happily expresses.

Certainly, it was one epic “Enchanted” evening that Tristine and her guests will never forget for a long, long time.

We share photos of Tristine’s debut courtesy of Orange Studios and Khim Cruz.

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