A GROUP of Japanese businessmen contacted by my friend, Joey Agustin of Xevera, has brought a fuel additive product which aims to save fuel, money and the environment.

This group which sought the help of Joey to promote this product -Ecomax -locally is really intent on making it known domestically.

The Japanese-made fuel additive is suitable for liquid fuels, i.e., gasoline, diesel fuel and more and is designed to improve fuel efficiency.

This group needs to engage the services of a professional marketing men and women who have extensive connections to promote the relatively, albeit innovative product into the local market.

Also, leg work is required particularly a house-to-house drive to enhance awareness of the product.

It likewise needs promotional materials like posters and tarpaulin showing the product's distinct advantage over traditional products already in the market.

Local markets should be penetrated by Economax. A little advertising may help.

* * **
U.S. bank failures. American depositors labor under fears that the recent bank failures (Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank) may case massive banking crises which may affect the US economy.

Preceding bank runs facilitate the closure of the mid-sized banks necessitating federal measures to protect their depositors.

Similar incidents of bank failures happened in the Philippines some years ago, featuring mainly Banco Filipino causing the loss of trust by the Filipino depositors of the country's banking system.

Fiduciary is the key word in banking industry. Oncee this trust is breached, it will spell doom for banks in question.
* * *
No wonder many residents in the Philippines are still unbanked or do not have access to banking facilities.

They would rather keep their cash in bamboo poles in their homes rather than risk losing it altogether because of bank failure.

Anyway, we hope that these failures be contained and measures put in place to prevent bank runs and the collapse of more banks.