FILIPINO artist RJ Manulid is set to release a new single, "Better," on April 21, 2023. This track is also the first single of his upcoming third album, "Looking Up," which will come out later this year.

"Better" is RJ Manulid’s first song distributed by AWAL, a British subsidiary of Sony Music whose current artists include JVKE, Lizzy McAlpine, Tom Misch, Bruno Major, Laufey, and mxmtoon, among others.

Combining RJ’s love for indie pop and hip-hop while applying learnings from film scoring practice, "Better" is a track that introduces the optimistic vibe of the 3rd album. The new single has RJ singing and rapping about cheerful love over sentimental strings, gentle piano, and hip-hop beats. The cover art for ‘Better’ features a bed of yellow flowers, adding to the hopeful mood of the song.

Sharing his thoughts behind the new single and the upcoming album, RJ Manulid comments, "Better" is about the kind of love where you don’t mind looking awkward if it makes your partner happy. The song gives the feeling of walking through flowers to a happier life, even if it means getting stung by a bee sometimes. ‘Looking Up’ is about experiencing different emotions in the middle of the turbulent times we’ve all been facing.”

"Looking Up" is RJ Manulid’s follow-up to his 2021 sophomore album, Phases. Since releasing his 2018 debut album, "Reassurance," the singer-songwriter and producer honed his skills through a constant string of live performances and releases, eventually collaborating twice with Korean rapper Trix (now known as j00n) and Japanese DJ/producer WAZGOGG. (PR)