‘Unang Haon’ exhibit showcases local artists’ identity

‘Unang Haon’ exhibit showcases local artists’ identity

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”

This is a sentiment that resonates in the “Unang Haon” art exhibit, as some of the most prolific Cebuano artists — namely Celso Pepito, Adeste Deguilmo, Lucilo Sagayno and Antonio Vidal — proudly displayed their various masterpieces at Cebu’s very own Abuhan Restaurant in Mango Square Mall, Gen. Maxilom Ave., Cebu City from March 15 to April 18, 2023.

The exhibit’s art display is a call and yearning of the past but also a call for renewal as these artists come together to celebrate their love for the arts through their incredible works. Presenting various subjects through their own art styles, these artists showcased their versatility and talents but, most of all, their passion for fine arts and encouraging more aspiring artists to be bold and more forthcoming with their artworks.

The exhibit was titled “Unang Haon,” which roughly translates to the first scoop of food that you get from the kitchen after cooking. Lucilo Sagaynon shared that since the exhibit was situated in one of Cebu’s most well-known restaurants, it was only fitting to highlight the venue.

“Since the exhibit area is a watering hole and this is its first art exhibit, that is why the title is ‘Unang Haon,’” Sagaynon explained.

Each artist showcased their artistic prowess through a series of artworks that encapsulates their unique and creative approach towards their pieces ranging from abstract expressionism, realistic distortion, modern iconography to cubism. They tackle different subjects varying from the complex and intangible human emotions to religious depictions, illustrating their imaginative interpretation through it.

“What we exhibit is more in the modern idiom. Meaning, what is exhibited is our identity in Cebuano arts,” Sagayon said.

This art exhibit is a clear indication of how the Cebuano art scene still has its unique flair. These artists are always hard at work by not only prolifically creating one masterpiece after another but also keeping the Cebuano art community alive and thriving.

Deguilmo said, “I will just have to focus on my art, improving it more and hopefully it will be able to continue inspiring the young generation of Cebuano artists.”

Art is indeed a way to the soul, and it is essential that the Cebuano public is given the chance to see the various artworks, showcasing their artistic aptitude to the world. Ensuring the influx of creative Cebuanos in the art scene, these painters are willing to do all the work and bring the province of Cebu to new heights by highlighting its culture and values.


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