The Mandatory Medical Service Bill, which proposes a one-year mandatory medical service for newly passed physicians, is an innovative solution that would ensure newly passed physicians receive appropriate ranks, salaries and benefits while employed immediately. After the one-year medical service, medical practitioners may choose to continue serving in their respective areas or in any government hospital, health facility, or office as permanent employees of the Department of Health.

The state has a crucial role in safeguarding the health and well-being of its citizens. Section 15, Article 11 of the 1987 Constitution explicitly upholds the right to health of every Filipino and enshrines the responsibility of the government to foster a culture of health consciousness.

Recognizing the gaps in the current medical service system, I have crafted a bill that will bridge the divide between healthcare and underserved communities. Our proposed legislation seeks to encourage greater participation of physicians in the public health sector, particularly in areas where there is a dire need for medical services.

With the bill mandating all medical licensure exam passers to render one year of medical service, I firmly believe that this will be a game-changer in promoting equitable access to quality healthcare. This initiative is a win-win solution that will benefit not only the government and physicians but most importantly, the Filipino people.

It is my hope that more physicians will be inspired to join the cause and uphold the right to health for all. Let us work together towards a healthier and more vibrant future for our nation.