ILOILO Governor Arthur Defensor Jr. joined millions of hardworking Filipinos in celebrating Labor Day on Monday, May 1, 2023.

Defensor emphasized the crucial role that each worker plays in ensuring that work is done efficiently and effectively, much like how every part of a machine is valuable to its overall function.

This special occasion serves as a reminder of the struggles that our forefathers endured to fight for their dignity and justice in the workplace.

"I join every hardworking Filipino in the celebration of Labor Day May 1, 2023. This occasion reminds us of the struggles of our forefathers to fight her dignity and justice in the workplace," Defensor Jr. said in his message.

Labor Day is a celebration of the hard work and contributions of our workers.

"Each person in the workplace plays an important role to make the work done. Just like a masonry it would workis there is a machine part that is how valuable are workers are," the Governor said.

The country's employees put up unceasing effort, which had a huge influence on their families, communities, and the entire country, as Governor Defensor Jr. expressed his thanks and admiration.

The Governor underlined the need to acknowledge all workers for their important contributions to the nation's development, regardless of their position or field of expertise. He gave everyone present its go to keep up their hard work and dedication to their individual jobs.

"This Labor Day celebration is in honor of all our workers let it be known that the work you do is important for you your family your community and the entire Nation. We salute all our workers this Labor Day," Defensor said.

The celebration of Labor Day is proof of the Filipino workforce's strength and resiliency. The working class is the foundation of the country's success and development, hence Governor Defensor Jr. underlined the need of continuing to assist and uplift them. (SunStar Philippines)