I ALWAYS assure friends that life is easy because it is. But many a time, friends realize it’s not, after a few initial successes.

So, have I been lying all along? No. Definitely not because lying will make my life difficult.

Gulo-gulo ba? Maybe, if you will insist on your own understanding. Otherwise you will just know that life is both easy and hard, depending on who you allow to lead — the lower or higher self.

There are prerequisites to an easy life. These are: good thoughts, good words, good deeds. The will to do good and the goodwill to serve, in the privacy of one’s own life. Not out there on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or TikTok. No. We’re talking here of good stuff that emanates from the heart, wholeheartedly given and done, and kept within, the way it used to be.

It will be difficult at first, as we have to wean ourselves from the spotlight called social media that pierces our lives and gives us that fuzzy feel-good buzz in the heart. You must wean away though because that fuzzy feel-good buzz comes with a price — the gifts that should’ve come through the good deeds.

So, think, feel, and do good but don’t show off is the first order to that easy life. If you want to understand why, then I suggest you learn pranic healing. Hehehe.

As early as the basic pranic healing course, where you get to know energies and energy centers and you learn how to heal over a hundred regular diseases (yes, we have evolved so many), pranic healing founder Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui already teaches how to harness the goodness of the Divine Source through five virtues. These are loving-kindness and non-injury, generosity and non-stealing, honesty and non-lying, moderation and non-excessiveness, and constancy of aim and effort and non-laziness.

Now... that’s why life can indeed be difficult. I’m not a saint, so I’m still stumbling and struggling against the last two.

But when we live our life based on these virtues, we build the character that will allow us to just ask and be given, seek to find, and knock for doors to be opened. That by itself makes all the stumbles and struggles worth it.

As Pope Francis said, “Anything done for another is done for oneself.”

Knock! Knock!

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