St. Michael the Archangel: “They want you not to know the divine warnings”

To those still unaffected by and blind to assorted aberrations in this world, this message from the Blessed Mother through mystic Mama Rosa Quantrini of San Damiano, Italy on March 23, 1967, when the world was not as troubled as now:

“The earth shakes with anguish, and the hour is near, though everything seems to be dozing off in a sleep of peace. This is the deceit of the devil, to show peace when everything is in ferment.”

Through the years that I have been sharing apocalyptic messages from credible Catholic mystics, I realize that only a few take the messages seriously. Even such a situation was prophesied, as in the message of Our Lord Jesus to Giovanni Tapella on March 4, 1983, as follows:

“Toward the end of these times I will send every greater prophets, and with them, condemnations will multiply.

“There will be great earthquakes, storms, wars, famines, pestilences, rising of prices and many more evils, as nations march against each other. With the exception of a very few, hearts will be hardened, without faith.

“Men will be warned by visionaries and by special signs in Heaven, but only a few followers of Mine will follow them. The others, the men of the world, will consider the signs as strange natural phenomena and will spit in front of those who believe in Me.”

The number of visionaries and other mystics have risen significantly in recent years, along with other supernatural phenomena such as apparitions.

Unknown to most Catholics, there have been more than usual apparitions of Our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Their number is such that it would be impossible for the prudent Church to vet them all. It is likely that many of them would someday be in the indexes of forgotten supernatural manifestations.

These apparitions almost always convey a sense of urgency, warnings of dire consequences for mankind’s growing disregard of God.

Such urgency was again prominent in the message from Our Lord Jesus to Rosario Belpasso of Catania, Italy in the 1980’s:

“Children, do pray because there will be much moaning. In this perverted generation, every heart has fallen, it has hardened, it has become hardened in its vain conduct.

“Tremble, think, awaken because the time of mercy is short. Do not rely on trifles, but hasten for the time will soon be over.

“Because at that time those souls will plunge into despair, and they will not be saved, because they will be incapable of making an act of perfect love of God which allows the Lord to forgive them.

“The trial will come soon and then the time triumph of...the Catholic, Apostolic, Roman Church.

“Arise! The time is near. the time of My Father is not far. It will be of no avail for man to strike at his breast because at the seventh strike he will see the Countenance of My Father and under such Countenance he will plunge with the evil he has lived in this time of expectation and grace.

“Convert because the time in which the Lord will come is near. The times are short, the time is at hand.

“These times are coming to an end; now the time for conversion has truly come. The time will be short.”

In the 1960’s, Our Lord Jesus’ message through Vera Grita of Udine, Italy, was as severe. Here’s part of the message.

“The hour of purification which is at the door will be one of justice, because it will burn all the evil humanity has done and wanted. When the terrible hour strikes, do not judge the work of God. You will be strongly tempted to do so. You will be tempted to accuse God of extreme severity, perhaps of injustice. Do not do it. It will be a grave fault.”

More recently, on May 12, 2023, St. Michael the Archangel had another message for humanity through third degree Augustinian stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla. The message cites, among other things, evil forces working against the recent prophecies of Catholic mystics. The message:

“Beloved children of Our Queen and Mother: With my heavenly legions we stand ready to defend the children of our King and Lord Jesus Christ.

“The Antichrist is not an invention, but a fact that will be brought to a consummation in this generation, which will suffer the great persecution.

“I call you to unity , to fraternity and love as children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ.

“In this time of Mercy each person offers and at the same time gives what they carry in their feelings and their heart. Those who do not love their brothers and sisters should fight against the feelings that keep them from fraternity.

“This May 13, a feast of Our Blessed Mother, is very important for you: On this day, to all who confess their sins with genuine repentance, our Queen and Mother gives the grace to have greater love, in preparation for them to face the trials that there already are on earth and which will become greater.

“Pray, children of Our Queen and Mother, pray for the United States. Some of its States will be forcefully shaken and the contagion of disease will come again.

“Pray, children of Our Queen and Mother, pray for Mexico: it will be forcefully shaken. They are a blessed people, therefore evil will fiercely attack them.

“Pray, children of Our Queen and Mother, pray for Spain: it will suffer greatly.

“Pray, children of Our Queen and Mother, pray for Chile and Ecuador: they will be shaken.

“Pray, children of Our Queen and Mother, pray: fire, air, water and wind will generate great distress among the nations.

“Children of Our Queen and Mother: The economy is uncontrollable; make provisions before it is too late.

“Unite fraternally in praying the Holy Rosary and be creatures of peace; do not be persecutors of your brothers and sisters.

“They (agents of evil) want to silence you, they want you not to know the Divine Warnings so that, like sheep led to the slaughter, you would give in to whatever they order you to carry out against the Divine Law.

“What remains of the human calendar year will be hard...your faith must be firm and not waver.

“With prayer, the human being is gradually transformed and wants to go ever deeper into the Word of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ. Prayer unites the soul with its Creator and draws it to Him.

“Be strong, be firm and do not take half-hearted or fearful steps. Our Queen and Mother will appear in the firmament, clothes with gold.

“Children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, objects from heaven will fall to Earth and cause serious disasters. I call you to have lanterns in your homes for the night.

“Children of Our King and Lord Jesus Christ, be more spiritual and less worldly.

“The goal is to gain Eternal Life and this you will do on the way, not in Heaven.

“Pray three Hail Marys every day at 12 noon and at 6 o'clock in the evening.

Invoke me daily with the prayer of protection that you have dedicated to Me.

“I bless you.”


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