JUST like their hit song, the English synth-pop duo, Honne, left the Dabawenyos “warm on a cold, cold night” after their recent concert at the University of Southeastern Philippines (USEP)-Gymnasium in Davao City.

Opening with their hit song ‘IDGAF ABOUT PAIN’ from their latest album, the duo, composed of Andy Clutterbuck and James Hatcher, was clearly overwhelmed by the loud cheers and heartwarming sing-along from the Dabawenyo crowd.

With the venue almost full last Friday, May 13, it was inevitable not to hear from outside the loud sing-along of the audience.

Midway in the concert, Andy and James asked their audience to stand-up and groove as they continue to play all of the other tracks on their repertoire.

BEKA as special guest

Aside from Honne’s global hits, concertgoers were also treated with BEKA’s music. BEKA is a singer-songwriter based in Nottingham, England who made her debut in 2021 with her EP ‘I’ll Be There’.

Prior to releasing her own creative endeavors, her voice was first heard in Honne’s songs as they collaborated for ‘Location Unknown’ and ‘Crying Over You’ in 2018, and ‘More Than Friends’ in 2020. During the concert, BEKA also performed some of her own songs like ‘Don’t Call Me a Friend’ which was a crowd favorite too.

James' childhood trivia

Pianist and guitarist James shared to their fans a relatable mischievous experience he had in his younger years - playing the “knock down a ginger” prank, a game where they would knock on neighborhood doors and run away.

He played this when he visited his university neighborhood in Guildford, England that made him accidently cut his fingers. Luckily, it was sewed back on after he immediately rushed to the hospital nearby. What a story!

“Day 1” a finale song

On the latter part of the concert, the duo performed their first-ever released song “Warm On A Cold Night”. But fans wanted to hear more of them that they began to chant “Day 1! Day 1! Day 1!”, a loud and clear request to perform Honne’s most popular song.

Giving in to their lovely crowd, Andy and James performed not just ‘Day 1’ but also their other hit –“No Song Without You.”

Ending their amazing night in Davao City, an inspirational audio visual presentation was shown to the crowd highlighting an excerpt from their song ‘Smile More Smile More Smile More’. It is their way of expressing their gratitude to the wild Dabawenyo crowd.