This maybe a far-fetched idea with perhaps inconsequential implications but it has to be given consideration however scant by the authorities.

This notion suggests the creation of a super body to watch over the movements of the now existing agencies which monitor the prices and movements of goods and services.

It may not merit a second look by the authorities but somehow it should get some attention if not recognition.

Our national government is now pondering the importation of several thousand metric tons of refined (white) sugar to serve as buffer stock till the harvest of sugar planters/farmers is fully accounted for.

Previously, there have been two importations shrouded in controversy: one is the rightul signatory to the importation order and the next was the accurate pricing of the imported item, sensing up a collusion and the manipulation of price.

The third impending order which is mulled to take place soon will try to avoid the former two controversies and this time the authorities promised to be careful, scrutinize the papers and the importers and most importantly make the importation above board.

My point is: somewhere along the procedural process a controversy arises and this time the concerned agency hopes to make the whole scheme flawless and credible.
# # #
Next is the issue on the rising price of onions, a vital item in the houseld consumption.

Why is its price steadily rising? Can it be due to hoarding or plain profiteering? This is where the suggested super body plays a deep role to solve the puzzle.

Also, why are ripe bananas getting stiff prices? Is it merely the wide demand for this fruit that causes its price increases? Or because the auhtorities have not yet focused their attention to their price hikes which, like the onions, occur frequently.