ASIDE from bath time, why are postpartum moms’ minds active while breastfeeding? Yes, we recently had a new baby, and re-birthing this column is one of the ways we are extending grace to ourselves as we adjust to the fourth trimester.

Even our firstborn, who was an only child for a very long time, has to deal with the transition now, which is difficult for her.

To handle this I read some tips from the web and get tried-and-true experiences from several mom communities online. These are my favorites:

  1. You've got a new sidekick!

Empower your toddler or kid by making her part of taking care of the newborn. Let her bring you a diaper or pair of clothes for the baby. This is actually the most recommended tip from our pediatrician.

  1. Acknowledge jealousy.

Having a sibling can bring out a whole mix of emotions, including jealousy. Listen to the words left unspoken. Recognize how she feels and reassure her that even with a new baby here, she will always be your baby.

  1. Go on a mommy-and-you-only date.

Assure her of your quality time. It can be simple moments together, like bath time, or a random, exclusive mall date! Don’t forget the hugs, kisses, and gifts — her love language.

Welcoming a new baby can be challenging, but mothering the big sister is a blessing. If all else fails, do not pressure yourself, and it’s never a shame to ask for help.