Alvarez: The absolute truth

Alvarez: The absolute truth

In work life, there will be misperceptions, misunderstandings, and lies. Very sad, but it can cause chaos, and no matter how we would like to control it, it extends to unbearable emotional pains because we would not want to settle issues fairly and just for all.

Yes, in any task, we cannot expect to make it 100 percent perfect. We must consider the responsibilities that anyone has at times may be too much and difficult to do. Some are not comfortable multitasking; hence deliverables might be delayed. But we must understand that there are sometimes impossible workloads, the way others expect it to be easy. So, for people who feel they can do it perfectly, I presume you are God.

On the contrary, I find doing easy or complex tasks helpful before the deadline. At times, I may say this causes severe headaches - like waking up at five in the morning and being in the workplace before 8 a.m. – to be able to complete the tasks listed as a reminder on our tables not to delay deliverables.

Others may even do the duties of others to help. However, some do not see the efforts of these workers and still, harshly criticize them.

We all have different work ethics, or maybe we know what it is, but as humans, we tend not to apply it sometimes. Jealousy can pull down a person’s chances to grow professionally. Envious people would not like others to be in the limelight. So, they would do tactics discreetly for someone they think could overlap with their achievements.

Some are also delusional. We think we are the best of all. We congratulate ourselves on achievements we only knew. And when somebody presents us with our delusion, we get mad and become defensive.

Sadly, we sometimes think the world cannot exist without us.

And the saddest is the existence of gossipers. Gossipers say something untrue. Of course, we all have freedom of speech. But when it is too much, sending false messages can ruin friendships, spread paranoia, and hinder work productivity. And remember that no matter how we deny our gossip to others, people will eventually know the truth.

But if these are not accusations and are the truth, we must accept that they may badly hurt us. I have often committed mistakes, but I would rather receive negative comments to improve my shortfalls than hear false appreciation and praise from others.

All those mentioned above can cause demotivation in workers, and it is the recipe for unhappiness. Our opinions about what is right differ, but this is okay, as knowing each other’s thoughts matters. However, when the difference causes outright trouble, hurting each other back, and even bullying, it may decrease employee morale, work output, or productivity and camaraderie.

My questions are – in any conflicts at work - are we all truthful in our words? Or some we have started the battle to voice out what we think is true, but in the end, fear to continue. Or maybe we have created stories that started misunderstandings among all. Or continue to hurt each other by revealing old pains we thought had been buried years ago.

In all of these, what is the truth? There is only one big truth. And that is our God – who owns the absolute truth and hates deception and dishonesty. Our God is the only 100 percent perfect, not me, you, or anyone. Remember that God’s truth is the enemy of gossipers, liars, and hypocrites. But God is forgiving.

Therefore, let us all be willing to face the truth and forgive ourselves and others – no matter how it hurts. Or we allow ourselves to hold on to the deception that breaks peace and unity.


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