Planning for a family trip with kids

In March 2020, we planned a family trip to Hongkong to bring our kids to Disneyland. This vacation must had been the celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary. Then the COVID-19 pandemic happened and scheduled international travels were cancelled.

Now that the World Health Organization lifted the public health emergency status relative to COVID-19, finally most counties have reopened and started receiving incoming tourists once again. Thanks to Cebu Pacific for allowing customers to store their cancelled flights into travel fund and we scheduled the much-awaited trip to Hongkong when the country reopened this January 2023.

I just want to share the things we did in planning the itinerary of our six-day trip to Hongkong:

1. Plot the itinerary including places to eat.

Since Hongkong is considered a first world country, expect that costs are higher than in the Philippines. Based on the top tourist spots such as Disneyland, Ocean Park, The Peak, and more, planning the itinerary based on the locations will always save you some money.

2. Choose a hotel or accommodation which is strategically located.

Hongkong’s MTR is so practical that going around the place is relatively easy. But choosing a hotel which is located near the places you will visit will also make your trip very convenient especially if you have kids traveling with you. With many sites such as Agoda and AirBNB, finding the perfect place to stay should not be a problem.

3. Bring instant food which you can eat.

To save some money, we also brought some instant food that can be eaten without having to go to restaurants and fast food chains. This can help ypu save some money which you can use for other purposes such as shopping.

4. If possible, buy HKD notes in the Philippines.

Find some money changing shops which offer the lowest rate. This can help you have some more pocket money which you can spend during your vacation.

Travelling internationally with kids really require a lot of planning and resources. The tip is to always plan ahead and make some research about recommended places which are practical and convenient for families with kids.

Making memorable moments with the family will always be a fun thing to do and will always be something worth remembering for all time.


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