CTNP Corporation and the tele-net group mark a milestone as they open their newly constructed 2,000-square meter call center, CTNP's largest call center to date, in Faustina Center, Bonifacio District, Cebu City on May 20, 2023.

This signals the next step forward in CTNP's growth and stature as the largest and longest-running Japanese-led call center company in the Philippines.

"The center that opened today is our fourth site in the Philippines and the biggest in our company," said Naoya Osawa, CTNP Corporation's Chief Executive Officer.

This further increases CTNP's footprint in the country's Business Process Outsourcing sector, a pivotal industry that, in 2023 alone, is expected to generate 40 million jobs and billions worth of revenue for the Philippine economy.

Aside from Osawa, top executives from Cebu and Japan, including Chief Operations Officer Chisato Toyoda-Atoc, Chief Sales Officer Anthony "Silver" Cepeda, and President Hiroyuki Takahashi of Tele-net Corporation, led the opening ceremony of the state-of-the-art, sleek, and modern call center site for stakeholders, partners, clients, and employees.

Representatives from various sectors also graced the event, including government officials such as Lawyer Mikel Rama, representing his father, Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama, and Borongan City Mayor Dayan Agda.

CTNP's trusted vendors and partners were also present, such as PLDT, Eastern Communication, New Datche Phils., RCBC, Intellicare/Avega, CNG, TLL, HMC, Jidca Builders, and the Rotary Club of Cebu Port Centre, among others.

Success Story

CTNP's Chief Sales Officer and the only Filipino executive in the tele-net group of companies, Mr. Anthony "Silver" Cepeda, said, "The Faustina site is the next step forward in our success story."

Cepeda shared that it is not only a story about site expansion but also a story of how CTNP has transformed the lives of all its employees, including working students, single parents, and hardworking young professionals who aspire to provide for their families and seek better lives.

He recounted the life story of a CTNP agent named Karen Cinco, who joined CTNP as an agent years ago, was promoted to a trainer, and is now graduating Magna Cum Laude from the University of San Jose-Recoletos.

Staying true to its roots, the celebration featured a unique blend of CTNP's Japanese and Filipino heritage.

It kicked off with a traditional Catholic rite to bless the new spaces, followed by a cultural presentation by the CTNP Dance troupe, which showcased their unique version of Cebu's Sinulog dance and the quintessential "I Love Cebu" theme.

The celebration culminated in a feast of Japanese and Filipino dishes, accompanied by conversations about how CTNP continues to make great strides in its pursuit of world-class customer care and excellence in the BPO industry. (SPONSORED CONTENT)