Again in the news, women and girls being raped and then killed. Drugs? More likely unbridled lust pushed by pornography readily accessible even on cheapest smartphones anywhere, anytime.

In these end times, evil forces are in last ditch moves to reap as many souls as they can and chances are they’re betting largely on lust. St. Padre Pio once said that lust is one easy way to eternal damnation. In Fatima, the Blessed Mother told visionary Jacinta that “the sins which cause most souls to go to hell are the sins of the flesh.”

The focus on the sins of the flesh was also manifest in the messages of mystic Sister Beghe who was quoted copiously in a book by Fr. Adolf Faroni (with old fashioned imprimatur and nihil obstat).

Sister Beghe was reported to have counseled: “Avoid lust, the sin that hurts the Lord the most. Satan rejoices in every act that displeases, hurts and offends the Lord Almighty... This sin (of lust), so common, is used by demons to enslave men and women who are addicted to it; the addicted human being is like a chained and defiled slave.”

Sister quoted our Lord Jesus as having told her (in the 1980’s) as follows:

“I love all mankind and yet, in these corrupt times, man does not love Me. He gets excited about ball games but forgets his Creator. Bread and games is his motto, or in some countries, such as those that honor a false god, he attacks My faithful.

“Young girls are abducted and deflowered, then they are abused and bullied. Their innocence is robbed and their precious feminine life is misused. When men treat female weakness in this way because they cannot stand up to men, they are committing a very serious sin. They wither purity and by committing this sin, they add another one, abuse and violence.

“Satan rejoices in every act that displeases, hurts and offends the Lord Almighty. By hurting women, by defiling their purity, men defile themselves. They think they are superior, but they degrade themselves and put themselves under the power of the devil. These cowardly and fornicating men are preparing an abominable place for themselves in the hell of Asmodeus, the demon of lust and of sins that cry out for vengeance to God.”

Then Sister Beghe noted:

“Lust is the sin that hurts the Lord the most in His scourging and on the cross. It hurts Him in the depths of the wounds caused by the nails, and it kept Him on the gallows. Pride also wounded Him very deeply, but it was lust that was the most painful. When lust takes hold of a man or a woman, the Lord is again on the cross.

“This sin, so common, is used by demons to enslave men and women who are addicted to it; the addicted human being is like a chained and defiled slave. The Lord is so good that He forgives all the sins for which He suffered the most in His Passion and on the Cross, and He gives the graces to turn away from them. He said it Himself: there is great joy in Heaven for every sinner who is converted.”

Then she quoted Our Lord Jesus anew:

“I turn to the sinners, those who sin seriously, and I say to them: My children, if you are baptized and you sin, go to the priest who will receive you in My Name and tell him what your sins are. If you are not yet baptized, come and ask for the grace of the sacrament of Baptism from the priest you will find in a good church. This sacrament is necessary to know Me, to love Me and to follow Me.

“I want you and all your family, friends and those you meet. I have created you; do you realize that? You belong to Me because I am your Creator, but you are not yet part of My people! I need your adherence to My laws, your adherence to My Church, your submission to the doctrine that it proclaims in My Name.

“Sins are bad acts and you commit them without always knowing what is good and what is not. The doctrine of the Holy Catholic Church is for all men and women of the earth, nobody is excluded. When you come to Her, you will be happy because She preaches goodness, gentleness, charity, love of neighbor; and everything that is anger, greed, avarice, selfishness and pride is to be rejected from you. But you must learn this, you will only know it when you learn it and it is the priests and religious of the holy Catholic Church who are qualified to teach it to you.

“Do you love your God? If you do not know, come to Me and I will make you know My extraordinary and endearing Love. Love Me and I will love you because I am waiting for you and because I already love you.

“I am the only God; the only very loving Father and you will not regret coming to Me.”

Casting lust aside (permanently, hopefully), I share another message of the Blessed Mother to third-degree Augistinian stigmatist Luz de Maria de Bonilla on May 21, 2023. Here’s the message:

“I bless each one of you individually and invite you to be closer to my Divine Son, adoring Him in spirit and in truth.

“Pray and be testimonies of these prayers.

“Beloved children, you need to deepen your relationship with my Divine Son. Rather than being occasional children, you must become children who worship my Divine Son in all their works or actions.

“Faced with truly alarming times for this generation, I invite you to ediscover yourselves inwardly, renewing that union with the Father’s house, consecrating yourselves to the Holy Spirit ad being meek and humble of heart.

“You hear of events happening in other continents or in other countries not so far from where you live, and yet you think that nothing will happen to you...

“How is it that the human race is so sure of itself as to say that it is free of sin?

“Humanity is purifying itself and the sun, the moon and the elements are joining in with that purification, calling the human race to rethink and to seek Divine Mercy at all times.

“Humanity will suffer severely: The water of the seas is rising and will penetrate the Earth. Volcanoes awaken and the climate of the Earth will change more.

“The human race is the cause of great errors that you cannot stop, doing serious damage to humanity.

“Children: I keep you within my Immaculate Heart, protecting you from evil. Each one of you uses your free will as to whether you agree to live in my heart or not.

“My Divine Son defends you against so much evil that is prowling across the Earth...

“My beloved St. Michael the Archangel and his legions await the call of each one of you in order to help you so that you would not fall.

“These are difficult moments for humanity, moments of confusion in which, if you remain steadfast, you will remain faithful to my Divine Son.

“Not all is pain: From trials are born the true heroes of My Divine Son.

As Mother of humanity I help you, I protect you.

“You will see me from on high and will know that I am your mother. I bless you.”