On shortchanging the consumers

MANY subscribers of Converge Fiber X in Fiesta Communities Tabun feel very disappointed over the poor reception on their TV sets everytime they put them on in the evening to relax and spend the night leisurely.

The TV shows become scratchy and unclear as in pirated ones and the TV viewers just put their attention on other things. Why is this so?

Some knowledgeable sources say the Converge connections inside Fiesta Communities are so faulty that the reception is poor and full of interruptions. The posts being used by Converge often get short-circuited resulting in fires which, if not promptly extinguished, may cause conflagration among houses inside the subdivision.

This anomaly may not be confined to Fiesta. Other areas in Mabalacat City report similar poor reception on their TV sets and more subscribers get frustrated over the poor transmission. Can we not get another service provider, they asked.

And to think Converge boasts of its fiber optic connections but poor reception persists.

# # #

This is only a part of the consumers’ agony. Daily, a consumer is faced with spiralling prices and even the President of the country cannot stop the surge of prices of rice, our main staple crop.

Several basic commodities have been put on the block, with sugar meriting the most number of debates and objections. Next come tomatoes and onions, even the rock salt was not spared the price spike.

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And, of course, the see-sawing prices of oil and fuel products.

One day, a meager rollback occurs, the next week a big chunk of price increase looms, confusing not only the consumer drivers but also the petroleum retailers. What a topsy-turvy situation indeed!

One commodity which hits the consumer in the gut is the cost of electric power. The poor consumer has no choice but to swallow the burden of a hike, apprehensive of losing electric power in his household. How can you describe the agony experienced by residents of Occidental Mindoro who suffered twenty hours of brownouts? They were sadistically shortchanged!


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