Over the past few years, Cebu faced adversities and gracefully overcame them, one at a time. Why do we continue to rise against the odds? How did we turn trials like the Covid-19 pandemic and typhoon Odette into triumph?

There’s a sense of community that holds us together—the spirit of “bayanihan” that leaves no one behind. “Bayanihan” is one of the long-standing Filipino values that uplift people to serve a community in need without expecting anything in return.

Despite growing differences as time passes, people strive to show compassion in all ways possible, and leading service providers like J&T Express help keep the bayanihan spirit alive.

With sharing as one of its core values, J&T Express Visayas gave back to the community through an outreach program at the Balay Samaritano, Cebu City on May 6, 2023. Balay Samaritano has been a home and a place of comfort for the elderly and the street dwellers for years, and the J&T Express team provided essential goods and rubbing alcohol at the drop-in shelter.

This outreach program was a partnership between J&T and SunStar Cebu. It is a step towards holistic service to the Cebuanos, and according to J&T, the program was one of the ways it could serve the community.

It is planning to provide more necessities such as hygiene kits to the street dwellers and street children. J&T Express remains committed to providing aid and support to all communities in need; committed to the spirit that keeps living on.