Tell it to SunStar: ‘Uncivilized’ drivers, conductors

Tell it to SunStar: ‘Uncivilized’ drivers, conductors

I work in a business process outsourcing company at Cebu I.T. Park in Barangay Lahug, Cebu City. Since I don’t own a car or motorcycle, I commute to and from my workplace.

I often ride a modernized public utility vehicle (MPUV). It is convenient because it has more space compared to traditional jeepneys and multicabs. Another feature that makes it a convenient ride for an ordinary worker like me is the air conditioning system.

However, there is an inconvenience that I experience almost every day, and that is the uncivilized way some drivers drive and the brash attitude of some conductors.

There are drivers who suddenly step on the brakes, throwing off passengers.

Some drivers act like they are driving small vehicles—they drive so fast, beyond the speed limit. This is especially true around midnight when there are only a few vehicles on the road, and the traffic enforcers are already asleep.

As for some male conductors, they collect fares in an impolite manner—they sound angry. Some of them make sexist comments whenever pretty women or gay men step inside or disembark the vehicle.

Some drivers and conductors are somewhat racist too—they make fun of commuters from other countries, particularly Indian and Korean nationals.

Transport cooperatives must hold regular seminars to teach their drivers and conductors how a civilized person should act.

The Land Transportation Office and traffic enforcers must discipline erring drivers by apprehending them if they are overspeeding or overloading their vehicles with passengers.


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