Pier 88, economic gateway to the north

COMMERCE. The port complex will feature a mall, restaurants, and leisure spaces
COMMERCE. The port complex will feature a mall, restaurants, and leisure spaces

AS PIER 88 opens to the public on May 27, 2023, it realizes a long-awaited concept to revolutionize connectivity in the Visayas region, benefiting various sectors, including the community, transportation, tourism, and commerce.

The journey towards Pier 88’s completion began with a groundbreaking ceremony on March 22, 2019, and reached a significant milestone with the causeway inauguration on Oct. 24, 2021.

After years of dedication and hard work, the residents of Liloan and its neighboring areas can finally start enjoying the benefits of this remarkable development.

Read on to find out how the local community stands to gain numerous advantages from the establishment of Pier 88.

Alleviate traffic congestion

By providing an alternative mode of transport, the port will alleviate traffic congestion in Cebu; thereby allowing residents in the northern parts of Cebu a more efficient and convenient means of reaching their destinations in the tri-cities of Mandaue, Lapu-Lapu, and Cebu.

Center for commerce

Additionally, Pier 88 is expected to act as an economic gateway for the progressive and developed town of Liloan and its neighboring areas, including the Municipality of Compostela and Danao City. In line with this vision, Pier 88 is not merely a port; it is a mixed-use development that also features a mall, leisure spaces, and restaurants, creating more job opportunities for Cebuanos.

Connect the islands

Pier 88 is poised to become a vital transportation hub, connecting commuters from various parts of the Visayas, specifically Metro Cebu, the Camotes Islands, Bohol, and Leyte. With its strategic location, the port offers convenient access to these destinations, reducing travel time and enhancing the overall community experience.

Boost tourism

Tourists visiting the famous islands of Bohol and Camotes, as well as the historically rich province of Leyte, will now have a more convenient and streamlined entry point. The port’s proximity to popular tourist destinations will facilitate increased tourist arrivals and boost local economies through tourism-related activities.

Topline Group of Companies and Pier 88 Ventures, has dedicated years of effort and commitment to realizing the Pier 88 project.

The port represents a remarkable achievement in enhancing connectivity, benefiting the community, revolutionizing transportation, stimulating tourism, and promoting vibrant commerce in the Visayas region.

Pier 88 is a Cebuano milestone promising a brighter and more connected future for all. SPONSORED CONTENT


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